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    Watergate Cake II
    White cake with pistachio pudding, coconut and pecans topped with pistachio icing.
    Watergate Cake IV
    This cake recipe uses pistachio pudding mix in both batter and frosting for delicious cake take on Watergate salad.
    Watergate Cake I
    If you like pistachio pudding, you will like this cake.
  2. Folks this is an old recipe. I got it in the 70's and it was very popular for a while. It was called Watergate Cake because it had such a great cover-up (as you see reviewers loved the topping). In the old days people were just starting to add oil to cake mixes and this one has a lot and certainly could be cut back now!

  3. Dec 29, 2017 · Some events define an era, and Watergate was one of those events. It was so earth-shattering that it even spawned a dessert, a white cake colored bright green with the help of club soda and pistachio Jell-O. Sounds weird? It totally was, and it was also massively popular around the time of President Nixon's resignation.

  4. Nov 15, 2021 · *Watergate-Salad-recipe* +Preparation 15 minutes. +Cooking in the fridge for an hour ... HOT FUDGE PUDDING CAKE. October 26, 2021. CORNBREAD RECIPE. October 26, 2021 ...

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