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  1. Watership Down (Western Animation) - TV Tropes

    The cartoon revolves around Hazel and his friends trying to settle down and protect Watership Down from outside threats and natural disasters.

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  3. Watership Down (Literature) - TV Tropes

    Called Tales From Watership Down, the stories actually take place during the original novel, though after the resolution of the plot. Two thirds of the book are a mixed bag of new Lapine mythology (ranging from Eldritch Abomination to Cloudcuckoolander tales, including a new one with a Woundwort Expy ).

  4. Watership Down / Characters - TV Tropes

    In the tv series, he was a dark brown, at least until the third season where he was suddenly grey. The miniseries features the darkest coloration by having Woundwort have black fur. Dying Moment of Awesome: In-universe example. Defeating Watership Down would have left him a tyrant: being defeated would have marked him a failure.

  5. Watership Down - TV Tropes

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  6. Watership Down | All The Tropes Wiki | Fandom

    An epic Low Fantasy adventure by Richard Adams. Hazel, our protagonist, has a little brother named Fiver. Fiver has horrific -- and as later events prove, accurate -- visions of the destruction of their home warren at Sandleford, but Hazel can't convince their Chief to pay attention to some loony runt, so he convinces a few of his friends to join him in leaving their homes to escape. Of note ...

  7. Watership Down / YMMV - TV Tropes
    • Novel
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    • Lapine Mythology
    • The 2018 Series
    Awesome Music: Mike Batt, who wrote "Bright Eyes" in the film, returned to make some awesome tracks.
    The Scrappy: A lot of fans hate Primrose for being manipulative, self-centered, and good at nothing else. Particularly jarring if you realize that she's supposed to be Hyzenthlay, who in the book w...
    Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Since these are prey animals, a bit of Values Dissonance may be present.
    Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The Efrafan does busting out in an Irish lament to distract their captors just as Bigwig is outed as a mole. Being almost like a musical number, it is never brought up...
    Harsher in Hindsight: The miniseries deviates from the novel by having Hyzenthlay become Holly's love interest instead of Hazel's mate. As Hazel and Hyzenthlay are voiced by James McAvoyand Anne Ma...
  8. Watership Down / Funny - TV Tropes

    Speedwell's Story from Tales of Watership Down is pretty much one long Funny Moment with its complete surreal nonsense, though the highlight has to be the other rabbits' reactions. The entire thing is essentially one long troll to see who breaks first. "Silflay hraka, u embleer rah!"

  9. Watership Down / Tear Jerker - TV Tropes

    The Netflix Series. Hazel's death is possibly even sadder in the Netflix series, because here we get to see his final conversation with Fiver. It's very clear from how Fiver acts, and from the tone of his voice, that he knows this is the last conversation he'll ever have with Hazel but can't bring himself to actually tell Hazel that.

  10. Watership Down (miniseries) - Wikipedia

    Watership Down is an adventure fantasy miniseries directed by Noam Murro.It is based on the 1972 novel of the same name by Richard Adams and adapted by Tom Bidwell. It was released on 22 December 2018 in the United Kingdom and internationally on Netflix the next day.

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