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    What is the crime rate in Malaysia?

    What is the main objective of the Malaysian crime survey?

    What works to reduce crime?

    How can we reduce homicides?

  2. Reducing crime, and the fear of crime, requires us to address some polarities in Malaysia (Figure 6.2). Crime per capita varies considerably across the country and so too does the impact crime has on the rakyat’s quality of life. Given our limited financial resources, we cannot rely on a traditional response to crime, where the

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  3. tion of Malaysia is 1 : 252, which is better than the United Nations recommended peacetime police-to-population ratio of 222 police per 100,000 of the population or a ratio of 1:450(Vira,2011). Since 2009, the Royal Malaysia Police’s strategic plan for reducing the crime rate has been guided by the Govern-

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  4. In 2016, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi quoted a study by the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu), saying that 61% of Malaysians fear crime. The year before that, fear of crime among Malaysians was at 80%. He had last year assured the public that the crime index had fallen by 47% since the government’s ...

  5. Jun 30, 2015 · Damian Platt, researcher, activist and author, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Create well-targeted programmes: If the goal is to reduce homicides, then programme selection should be located in hotspot ...

    • Naomi Larsson
    • Introduction
    • Classifications of Crime in Malaysia
    • Descriptive Statistics and Analysis
    • Limitations of Crime Data

    According to the Annual Crime and Safety Report 2018, published by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) under the United States Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Kuala Lumpur was listed as a ‘HIGH-threat’ location for crime. 1Crime is an issue of concern in the country and often finds the attention of the media. In a major effort to combat cr...

    The Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) uses the term “index crime” as a measure of the general crime situation in the country. Index crimes are defined as – Crimes that are reported with sufficient regularity and with sufficient significance to be meaningful as an index to the crime situation. 2 In other words, an index crime is a crime that is regular a...

    Crime Trends in Malaysia

    Figure 1 5 shows the index, property and violent crime trends in Malaysia from 1980-2017. Property crimes consist of 85% of the index crimes in Malaysia. They show a more volatile pattern as compared to violent crimes. The two peaks in the number of reported property crime cases are consistent with the periods of economic downturn in the country, namely the Asian and global financial crises respectively. This shows a possible correlation between property crimes and the economic situation in M...

    Analysis of Crimes in KL and Selangor 9

    Figure 4 and Figure 5show that unarmed robbery and vehicle theft are the highest reported crimes per 100,000 of the population in KL and Selangor. Contrary to popular belief, murder and snatch theft are the lowest as compared to the other violent and property crimes respectively. In terms of percentages, 48.5% of the total national violent crimes and 41% of the total national property crimes were reported in KL and Selangor. Table 1: Violent crime rate per 100,000 of the population in KL and...

    One of the biggest challenges in conducting crime research is the accuracy and reliability of crime data. There are at least two major factors that contribute to limitations in crime data. The first limitation is the phenomenon of under-reporting where people do not report crimes. This is a major issue that contributes to a large number of cases no...

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