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    How many ways can you say hello in different languages?

    How do you Say Hello in Spanish?

    How do you Say Hello in Frisian?

    How do you Say Hello in Danish?

    • French. Formal: Bonjour. Informal: Salut.
    • Spanish. Formal: Hola. Informal: ¿Qué tal? (What’s up?)
    • Russian. Formal: Zdravstvuyte. Informal: Privet.
    • Chinese. Formal: Nǐn hǎo. Informal: Nǐ hǎo.
    • Afrikaans. Formal: Goeie dag. Informal: Hallo!/ Haai!
    • Albanian. Formal: Mirëdita! Informal: Përshëndetje!
    • Amharic. Formal: ሰላም ጤና ይስጥልኝ (selam tena jistilign) Informal: ሰላም (Selam)
    • Arabic. Formal: Asalaam alaikum (Peace be upon you) Informal: Ahlan.
  2. Jun 09, 2019 · If you’re a world traveler or just interested in other cultures, you might be interested in learning to say hello in different languages. While we won’t cover all 5,000 here, we will teach you how to greet people in 60 different ways. How to Say Hello in Different Languages. The chart below outlines how to say hello in thirty different ...

  3. May 04, 2022 · Na’vi kaltxì (kal-T-ì) — informal way to say hello oel ngati kameie (o-el nga-ti kamei-e) — formal way to say hello in all languages

  4. Language Ways to say Hello; Afrikaans: Hallo Edit: Amharic: ሰላም Edit: Chichewa: Moni Edit: Hausa: Sannu Edit: Igbo: Nnọọ Edit: Kinyarwanda: Mwaramutse Edit: Sesotho: Lumela Edit: Shona: Mhoro Edit: Somali: Hello Edit: Swahili: Habari Edit: Xhosa: Mholo Edit: Yoruba: Pẹlẹ o Edit: Zulu: Sawubona Edit

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