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    How do you Say Hello in ten languages?

    How do you Say Hello in multiple languages?

    What are some cute ways to say hello?

    How do you Say Hello in a cute way?

    • French. Formal: Bonjour. Informal: Salut.
    • Spanish. Formal: Hola. Informal: ¿Qué tal? (What’s up?)
    • Russian. Formal: Zdravstvuyte. Informal: Privet.
    • Chinese. Formal: Nǐn hǎo. Informal: Nǐ hǎo.
    • Afrikaans. Formal: Goeie dag. Informal: Hallo!/ Haai!
    • Albanian. Formal: Mirëdita! Informal: Përshëndetje!
    • Amharic. Formal: ሰላም ጤና ይስጥልኝ (selam tena jistilign) Informal: ሰላም (Selam)
    • Arabic. Formal: Asalaam alaikum (Peace be upon you) Informal: Ahlan.
  2. Jun 09, 2019 · If you’re a world traveler or just interested in other cultures, you might be interested in learning to say hello in different languages. While we won’t cover all 5,000 here, we will teach you how to greet people in 60 different ways. How to Say Hello in Different Languages. The chart below outlines how to say hello in thirty different ...

  3. May 04, 2022 · dzień dobry (jeyn dob-ry) — good morning. cześć (cheshch) — informal hello. siema — used only by young people to say hi. hej — casual hey. Polish ( polski ) is a West Slavic language spoken by about 45 million people. Said to be one of the hardest languages to learn, it is the official language of Poland.

  4. Jan 07, 2022 · This is the most common way to say hello in the Mandarin language; there are other ways to say hello or hi in the Mandarin language. If you want to say hello to a crowd in Mandarin, then you can say it like this: 大家好 (dàjiā hǎo) If you are meeting with many people at a time, then you can say: 你们好 (nǐmen hǎo)

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