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    • Mar 9, 2017
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    • The Singing Walrus - English Songs For Kids
  2. Learn to choose your favorite way of saying hello with #BabyBus !Lyrics:Hold on, please, give me some time Let’s change the way to say hello Hold on, ple...

    • Dec 28, 2021
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    • BabyBus - Kids Songs and Cartoons
  3. Aug 08, 2021 · Clap your hands, clap! clap! clap! (repeat x 3) Stamp your feet! stamp, stamp, stamp! (repeat x 3) Curl up small, very small (repeat x 3 ) Let’s stand up, stretch up high, (repeat x 3 ) Say hel-lo! hel-lo! (repeat x 3 ) (you can change hello to goodbye and sing the song at the end too!)

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    • Time To Sing Hello. The lovely morning song may put a smile on children’s faces. This welcoming song allows greeting everyone in the class. Lyrics: Hands clap,
    • Hello! Can You Clap Your Hands? The interactive song allows toddlers to warm up their bodies while enjoying the music. You can also sing this song in the middle of the day when they are tired and require some stretching activity.
    • Hello, Neighbor. Starting the day with this hello song can create a friendly atmosphere in the classroom. This may become one of the favorite songs of children because it is always fun to greet friends with music.
    • Hello Hello. A fun hello song that helps children learn about their body parts while dancing and singing. Lyrics: Hello, hello, hello-what do you know? Do you know where your head is?
  5. Hello Song by Dave Moran This is a good song for older kids who already know the main ways to say hello and the other Hello songs and want something a little different. It uses slightly more complicated vocabulary which is more suited to older children. However, it isn’t too long or complicated to learn.

  6. Aug 27, 2019 · It’s a simple as…hello, hello! It’s Time to Say…Hello! Listen to the Hello song and follow the lyrics below to practice with your child. Afterward, enter the Lingokids app for more sing-alongs. LYRICS: HELLO SONG Hello, hello, I like to say hello! Hello! Hello, hello, I like to say hello! Hello! Hello, hello, I like to say hello! Hello!

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