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  1. Article 48 of the constitution of the Weimar Republic of Germany (1919–1933) allowed the President, under certain circumstances, to take emergency measures without the prior consent of the Reichstag. This power was understood to include the promulgation of "emergency decrees".

  2. Feb 06, 2010 · A new Republic was declared. In January 1919, elections were held for a new Reichstag and in February 1919, in the town of Weimar, a new government was agreed. Freidrich Ebert was elected President of the new Republic. Germany did not just get a new government. The Allies made sure that Germany got a different kind of government.

  3. The Weimar Republic 1918-1929 Defeat in 1918 led to the Kaiser’s abdication, a republic and a new constitution. The new Germany faced huge problems, not least those caused by its punishment in ...

  4. The Bamberg Constitution (Bamberger Verfassung) was enacted on 14 August 1919 creating the Free State of Bavaria within the Weimar Republic. Munich became a hotbed of extremism: the 1919 Bavarian Soviet Republic and the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch involving Erich Ludendorff and Adolf Hitler took place in the same city.

  5. The Weimar Republic 1918-1929 - Edexcel. Revise. Test. Hitler's rise to power, 1919-1933 - Edexcel. Revise. Test. Nazi control and dictatorship 1933-1939 - Edexcel.

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