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  1. The Weimar Republic failed because it was at the mercy of many different ideas and forces – political and economic, internal and external, structural and short-term. It is difficult to isolate one or two of these forces or problems as being chiefly responsible for the demise of the Republic.

  2. Failure Of The German Weimar Republic A noble political experiment attempted at a time of little stability T he Weimar Republic was the government of Germany from the end of World War One until the...

  3. F.L. Carsten | Published in History Today Volume 6 Issue 5 May 1956 The fate of the first German Republic is a question of great contemporary interest: if the causes of its disintegration are properly analysed, they may provide valuable pointers to the weaknesses of parliamentary democracy in Germany and help in an assessment of its position today.

  4. Why did the Weimar Republic Fail? The Weimar Republic was born out of war and revolution. The Republic faced many internal threats from Communists and right-wing extremists. It also had to manage an unprecedented economic crisis and a war-ravaged society. It was also left with the task of signing the unpopular Versailles Treaty.

  5. The Weimar Republic failed due to its inherent economic and political fragilities being exposed by the Great Depression, and the Constitution’s fundamental weaknesses – specifically Article 48. This is due to several intricate factors.

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  7. In English, the nation was usually simply called "Germany," with "Weimar Republic" (a term introduced by Adolf Hitler in 1929) not commonly used until the 1930s. Following the devastation of the First World War (1914–1918), Germany was exhausted and sued for peace in desperate circumstances.

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