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  1. Definition of welcome as in to embrace to receive or accept gladly or readily the eager recruits welcomed every new project with which they were presented Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance embrace greet enjoy like hail adopt prefer choose take up drink (in) eat (up) select lap (up) take pick espouse elect name cull handpick decide (on) cherry-pick

  2. welcome ( ˈwɛlkəm) adj 1. gladly and cordially received or admitted: a welcome guest. 2. bringing pleasure or gratitude: a welcome gift. 3. freely permitted or invited: you are welcome to call. 4. under no obligation (only in such phrases as you're welcome or he's welcome, as conventional responses to thanks) sentence substitute

  3. See definition of welcome on adj. gladly received noun greeting verb receive gladly synonyms for welcome Compare Synonyms appreciated desirable gratifying pleasant pleasing refreshing satisfying accepted cherished contenting cordial desired esteemed good honored invited nice wanted acceptable agreeable congenial delightful favorable

  4. Oct 3, 2022 · Welcome as a verb When used as a verb, welcome keeps the same meaning; to welcome something means to greet it or to receive or accept it with pleasure. We were welcomed into the home by all three kids and the family dog. We welcomed the rain but not the mud it left behind. I would welcome your advice on this matter. Welcome as an interjection

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