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      • welcome to the club An expression of glib commiseration used when one shares some unpleasant condition or situation with one or more other people. A: "I've barely gotten any sleep since my daughter was born." B: "Yeah, welcome to the club. That's just your life now that you have kids."
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    Welcome to the club! - Examples: 1) ... inside my computer -- if you didn't know there was such a thing, welcome to the club-- kept correcting a sentence I'd composed. 2) It's not about the bikes. You're getting old. Welcome to the club! 3) ... a ready-set-goal mentality, but now find yourself reverting back to old habits, welcome to the club.

  2. Also used: Welcome to the club Join the club is an idiom that is used in the imperative mood. Its figurative use appears to be somewhat modern. Meaning of Join the Club We say “join the club’ to someone when they tell us they are in a certain unfortunate situation that we are already in ...

  3. The meaning of join the club is —said to indicate that the problems or feelings someone is having are problems or feelings that the speaker has had —often used to suggest that a person's problems or feelings are not unusual and do not deserve much sympathy.

  4. In addition to "join the club" being a popular American idiom, the similar expression of "welcome to the club" is used by Australians in much the same way. Just like its American usage, this phrase is an informal expression that may lead to two or more people bonding over a sharing of thoughts and feelings about certain events.

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  6. Jun 08, 2004 · Some of the better numbers are ones that step a little further outside the blues idiom, like Lee "Shot" Williams ' "You're Welcome to the Club," with its minor-keyed horn blares; Wright 's "I'm Gonna Leave You Baby and I'm Goin' Away to Stay" (with singer Jesse Anderson ), which has a brass-driven jazzy swing; and Johnson 's "I Resign From Your ...

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