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  1. Dec 30, 2013 · There is a popular idiom in Russian for describing a really crowded place: "(there's) no room for an apple to fall" ("яблоку негде упасть"). I struggle to think of anything similar in English, and the dictionaries I consulted were of no help, simply translating it as "crowded" or not even including it at all.

  2. Definition of go for in the Idioms Dictionary. go for phrase. ... I tend to go for bookish girls who would rather read a book than stay out all night at a club ...

  3. notable definition: 1. important and deserving attention, because of being very good or interesting: 2. an important…. Learn more.

  4. Top 1500 Nouns Out of the 2265 most frequently used words, 1524 were identified as nouns. However, 1144 words were primarily used as nouns, while the remaining 380 words were different types but could be used as a noun.

  5. Idioms! What is an idiom? Learn idiom definition, common idioms list and popular sayings in English with meaning, idiom examples and ESL pictures. These idiomatic expressions can be used to improve your English speaking and writing.

  6. The phrase "jumping the shark" is used to argue that a creative outlet or work appears to be making a misguided attempt at generating new attention or publicity for something that is perceived once to have been widely popular, but is no longer.

  7. Word form, idioms, phrasal verb là dạng bài tập thường xuyên xuất hiện trong bài thi THPT Tiếng Anh Quốc gia những năm gần đây. Để làm tốt các dạng bài tập này, các em cần ôn luyện

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