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    Welcome to the club! Idiom Definition Your browser does not support the audio element. "Welcome to the club!" an expression indicating empathy for being in the same, or a similar, unfortunate state Related words and phrases:

  2. The expression join the club to mean that two or more people are sharing the same experience came into use sometime in the mid-1940s, though its exact origin is unknown. A variation of the phrase join the club is welcome to the club. Examples

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  4. How to use join the club in a sentence. —said to indicate that the problems or feelings someone is having are problems or feelings that the speaker has had —often used to suggest that a… See the full definition

  5. Apr 12, 2022 · "Join the club" is an American idiom which means that other people, particularly the person using the idiom, can relate to the issue or situation that the person he or she is speaking to is in. In essence, it means that the speaker is not alone but is, in fact, in the same position as others.

  6. Podcast 52 - Idioms. In this week’s Premier Skills English podcast, Rich and Jack talk about the FA Cup Final between Manchester Utd and Crystal Palace and about a movie that could be made about one of Leicester City's star players. The language focus is on idioms, which are phrases that don't mean what they look like they should mean.

  7. A: A " club house" is the place where a club meets. "Club" can mean 2 things. (1) It can mean the people who are members of the club. (2) It can be short for " club house". 답변 더 보기. Q: 차이점은 무엇 입니까? club 그리고 bar ? A: Club is more like a place where you can dance, meet people and be social.

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