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      • Linking. Lookup box. Close. welcome to the club. Also found in: Acronyms, Wikipedia. welcome to the club. An expression of glib commiseration used when one shares some unpleasant condition or situation with one or more other people. to the club
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  2. Definition of Welcome to the club. "Welcome to the club" is normally an ironic phrase that means somebody is in a certain situation with you. For example, if you say you are over-worked somebody might say "welcome to the club" - we are all in the same boat.

  3. The meaning of join the club is —said to indicate that the problems or feelings someone is having are problems or feelings that the speaker has had —often used to suggest that a person's problems or feelings are not unusual and do not deserve much sympathy.

  4. Coleman Welcome to the Club (film) Welcome to the Club (Ian Hunter Album) Welcome the club (Nat King Cole Album) "Welcome to the club", the title track written by Noel Sherman and Dick Wolf Welcome to the club (Kick Ax album) "Welcome to the club," a canç à £ o £ the brother Johnson's album Blast !: the latest and the greatest "Welcome to

  5. The meaning of welcome is to greet (someone) in a warm and friendly manner. See more meanings of welcome. How to use welcome in a sentence.

  6. Jun 02, 2008 · Book Club Discussion: The Meaning of Jesus--All Welcome to Join. The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions is a dialogue between two New Testament scholars, Marcus Borg and N.T. Wright. The book focuses primarily, though not exclusively, on the historical figure of Jesus. The authors irenically articulate and defend their respective accounts of who ...

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