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  1. Wenceslaus I of Legnica - geni family tree

    May 23, 2018 · Wenceslaus I of Legnica (Polish: Wacław I legnicki; b. ca. 1318 - d. 2 June 1364), was a Duke of Namysłów since 1338 and of Legnica-Brieg since 1342 until his death, but with further divisions with his brother Louis I. He was the eldest son of Bolesław III the Generous, Duke of Legnica-Brieg by his first wife, Margaret of Bohemia.

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  3. Wenceslaus I, Duke of Cieszyn - Wikipediaław_I_of_Cieszyn

    On 17 February 1439, Wenceslaus married Elisabeth (b. 1 May/29 September 1403 - d. Legnica, 31 October 1449), daughter of Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg and widow of Louis II, Duke of Brzeg - Legnica.

  4. Wenceslaus I of Bohemia - Wikipedia

    Wenceslaus I (Czech: Václav I.; c. 1205 – 23 September 1253), called One-Eyed, was King of Bohemia from 1230 to 1253. Wenceslaus was a son of Ottokar I of Bohemia and his second wife Constance of Hungary.

  5. Prinz von Schlesien und Liegnitz Wenceslaus (Wenzel) Luben ...

    The Life of Wenceslaus (Wenzel) When Prinz von Schlesien und Liegnitz Wenceslaus (Wenzel) Luben was born in 1318, in Legnica, Wrocław, Poland, his father, Boleslaw III. von Schlesien Liegnietz, was 27 and his mother, Duchess of Wroclaw Markéta (Małgorzata) Přemyslovna, was 22. He married Duchess of Legnica Anna Piast on 8 February 1341.

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    • Duchess of Legnica Anna Piast
  6. Wenceslaus I of Bohemia | Military Wiki | Fandom

    During the Mongol invasion of Poland, Duke Henry II the Pious of Silesia, Wenceslaus' brother in law, initially asked his help in fighting off the Mongols. However as Wenceslaus was coming to his aid in Legnica with a force of 50,000 soldiers, impatience forced Henry II to attack the Mongols without Bohemia's help which resulted in the ...

  7. Anna Cieszyńska Princess of Silesia-Teschen (c.1325 - 1367 ...ńska-Princess-of...

    Apr 05, 2019 · Wenceslaus I of Legnica. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marriage and Issue. By 1338, Wenceslaus married with Anna (b. ca. 1325 - d. 1367), daughter of Duke Casimir I of Cieszyn. They had five children: Rupert I (b. 27 March 1347 - d. bef. 12 January 1409).

  8. Wenceslaus - Wikipedia

    Wenceslaus III of Bohemia (1289–1306), King of Hungary, Bohemia, and Poland Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia (1361–1419), King of Bohemia, and German King Wenceslaus I of Legnica (ca. 1318 – 1364)

  9. Rupert I legnicki of Legnica, książę (1347 - 1409) - Genealogy

    May 03, 2020 · Rupert I of Legnica From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rupert I of Legnica (Polish: Ruprecht I Legnicki; b. 27 March 1347 - d. by 12 January 1409), was a Duke of Legnica since 1364 until his death, and also regent over half of the Duchy of Głogów-Żagań during 1397-1401.

  10. Wacław II legnicki of Legnica, książę (1348 - 1419) - Genealogyław-II-legnicki-of...

    Of Legnica,Wrcl,Plnd: Death: December 30, 1419 (71-72) Immediate Family: Son of Wenceslaus I of Legnica and Anna Cieszyńska Princess of Silesia-Teschen Brother of Rupert I legnicki of Legnica, książę; Bolesław IV legnicki of Legnica, książę; Jadwiga of Głogów-Żagań and Henryk VIII legnicki of Legnica. Managed by:

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