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  1. Tour of Flanders - Wikipedia › wiki › De_Ronde

    Silent film of the 1923 Tour of Flanders (French captions) The Tour of Flanders was interrupted for the duration of World War I and was resumed again without interruptions as from 1919. The interwar editions were marked by appalling road conditions and grisly landscapes in war-ridden Flanders, but the Tour of Flanders gained popularity fast.

    • Early April
    • Ronde van Vlaanderen (Dutch)
    • De Ronde (in Dutch), Vlaanderens Mooiste (in Dutch), Flanders' Most Beautiful (in English)
    • Flanders, Belgium
  2. Western Front (World War I) - Wikipedia › wiki › France_and_Flanders_1918

    The Western Front was the main theatre of war during the First World War.Following the outbreak of war in August 1914, the German Army opened the Western Front by invading Luxembourg and Belgium, then gaining military control of important industrial regions in France

  3. Bullhead (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Bullhead_(film)

    The film is about the prohibited use of growth hormones on cattle by farmers with ties to organised crime "hormone mafia", and tells the story of Jacky Vanmarsenille, a young Limburgish farmer, who is approached by his veterinarian to make a deal with a West-Flemish beef trader. But the murder of a federal policeman, and an unexpected confrontation with a mysterious secret from Jacky's past, set in motion a chain of events with far-reaching consequences.

  4. Bellewaerde - Wikipedia › wiki › Bellewaerde

    Language. Watch. Edit. Bellewaerde is a theme park in the West-Flemish countryside at Zonnebeke near Ypres ( Belgium ). It was established in 1954, on the grounds of the World War I Battle of Bellewaarde. Named after an old castle in its territory that still stands near the main entrance, Bellewaerde is the oldest operating theme park in Belgium. Originally a zoo and safari, the park expanded in the early eighties to become more of a general theme- and thrillpark, catering towards teens and ...

  5. Hill 60 (Ypres) - Wikipedia › wiki › Hill_60_(Ypres)

    The high ground of Hill 60, south of Zillebeke, was created in the 1850s by spoil dumped from the cutting for the railway line between Ypres and Comines.The line opened in March 1854 and formed part of the La Madeleine–Comines railway from the French Nord-Pas-de-Calais region into Belgian Flanders.

    • British and German dead of the First World War
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    (Redirected from Heist (film)) Look up Heist or heist in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. A heist is a grand, high-end theft from an institution such as a bank or a museum, or any theft in which there is a large haul of loot.

  7. The White Queen (TV Mini-Series 2013) - IMDb › title › tt2372220

    Aug 10, 2013 · A portrayal of one of the most dramatic and turbulent times in English history. A story of love and lust, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, it is uniquely told through the perspective of three different, yet equally relentless women - Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville.

  8. The De Milles of Flanders, New Netherland and Hollywood › 2012 › 01

    Jan 08, 2012 · The Flemish Haarlem family we are most interested in, the De Mille family, was originally from Brugge (Bruges), in West Flanders. For example: a certain Gerard de Mille lived at Brugge in 1350; a Jan de Mille lived there in 1400 and a Martin de Mille was a resident at Brugge in 1550.

  9. Kortrijk - The Reader Wiki, Reader View of Wikipedia › en › Kortrijk

    Kortrijk is the largest city in southern West Flanders, with several hospitals, colleges and a university. Kortrijk was the first city in Belgium with a pedestrian shopping street, the Korte Steenstraat. History Name. The Roman name Cortoriacum meant in Latin, the settlement near the curb in the river.

  10. Henri Storck - people | memorist › people › henri-storck

    Oostende, West Flanders, Belgium / 1907 - 1999 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Henri Storck (1907, Ostend – 17 September 1999) was a Belgian author, film-maker and documentarist.

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