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  1. Ostend - Wikipedia › wiki › Ostend,_West_Flanders

    In the early Middle Ages, Ostend was a small village built on the east-end ( oost-einde) of an island (originally called Testerep) between the North Sea and a beach lake. Although small, the village rose to the status of "town" around 1265, when the inhabitants were allowed to hold a market and to build a market hall.

  2. Wikipedia:Main Page history/2017 July 31 - Wikipedia › 2017_July_31

    1917 – First World War: The Battle of Passchendaele began near Ypres in West Flanders, Belgium, with the Allied Powers aiming to force German troops to withdraw from the Channel Ports. 1972 – The Troubles : Free Derry ( Free Derry Corner pictured) , an autonomous self-declared area of Derry , Northern Ireland, was brought to an end by the ...

  3. Ypres - Wikipedia › wiki › Ieper

    Ypres (/ ˈ iː p r ə / EE-prə, French: ; Ieper in Flemish) is a Belgian city and municipality in the province of West Flanders.Though the Flemish name Ieper is the official one, the city's French name Ypres is most commonly used in English.

  4. Tour of Flanders - Wikipedia › wiki › Tour_de_Flandres

    Since 2017, the Tour of Flanders starts in the city of Antwerp. Following a flat run-in of 100 km (62 mi) during which the race passes the towns of Sint-Niklaas , Aalst , Zottegem , and passes the Paddestraat , the racers reach the town of Oudenaarde with the Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen and shortly thereafter the village of Berchem, where the ...

    • Early April
    • Ronde van Vlaanderen (Dutch)
    • De Ronde (in Dutch), Vlaanderens Mooiste (in Dutch), Flanders' Most Beautiful (in English)
    • Flanders, Belgium
  5. 2017 in amusement parks - Wikipedia › wiki › 2017_in_amusement_parks

    France Walt Disney Studios Park – 15th birthday. Canada La Ronde – 50th birthday. Australia Luna Park Melbourne – 105th birthday. Italy Mirabilandia – 25th birthday. France Futuroscope – 30th birthday. Netherlands Efteling – 65th birthday.

  6. GLAM/Newsletter/May 2017/Single - Outreach Wiki › May_2017 › Single

    On 29 May 2017 we gave a Wikipedia session for museum staff from various museums from the two Belgian provinces West Flanders and East Flanders, working together in Erfgoedinzicht. There we gave an introduction in how Wikipedia works, its relationship with Wikimedia, and what kind of projects and activities can be done together with museums.

  7. Passendale - Wikipedia › wiki › Battle_of_the_Mud

    Passendale (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈpɑsə(n)daːlə]) or Passchendaele (obsolete spelling)(/ ˈ p æ ʃ ən d eɪ l / (English pronunciation only.) The current name in Flemish echos the habitual pronunciation of the old spelling of the town’s name which has perversely been retained in English; West Flemish: Passchendoale) is a rural Belgian village in the Zonnebeke municipality of West ...

  8. June | 2017 | Unofficial Royalty › 2017 › 06

    The majority of the top ten viewed articles for June 2017 listed below focus on the British Royal Family. However, there were two articles about royals from Qatar, probably because the country of Qatar was in the news during June. We invite you to spend some time checking out our archive of over 1,000 articles about royalty, past and present ...

  9. September | 2017 | Unofficial Royalty › 2017 › 09

    Sep 10, 2017 · Captain The Honourable Patrick Julian Harry Stanley Ogilvy was born June 26, 1896, at Cortachy Castle in Kirriemuir, Scotland. He was the third of the three sons and the youngest of the six children of David Ogilvy, 11th Earl of Airlie and Lady Mabell Gore, daughter of Arthur Gore, 5th Earl of Arran Some royalty aficionados may recognize the name Ogilvy.

  10. 83 Years Ago – The Tragic Death of the Hessen Family › miscellaneous › 80-years-ago-how

    Nov 16, 2020 · 83 Years Ago – The Tragic Death of the Hessen Family. In November 1937 a terrible tragedy shocked the royal families throughout Europe. On 9 October 1937 Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig von Hessen und bei Rhein (of Hesse and by Rhine), who had reigned until 1918, had died at the age of 68. Despite of that the family was to gather in London for the ...

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