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  1. West Francia - Wikipedia › wiki › West_Francia

    West Francia did not include such future French holdings as Lorraine, County and Kingdom of Burgundy (the Duchy being French), Alsace and Provence in the east and southeast for example. In addition, by the 10th century the rule of its kings was greatly reduced even within the West Frankish realm by the increase in power of great territorial ...

  2. Judith of Flanders - Wikipedia › wiki › Judith_of_Flanders

    Judith of Flanders (c. 843 – c. 870) was a Carolingian princess who, by her three successive marriages, became Queen of Wessex and Countess of Flanders. The daughter of Emperor Charles the Bald, she married the elderly King Æthelwulf of Wessex as an adolescent and was crowned queen in contravention of the custom in Wessex.

  3. In Flanders Fields — Wikipédia › wiki › In_Flanders_Fields

    In Flanders fields (Au champ d'honneur) est un poème de guerre écrit pendant la Première Guerre mondiale par le lieutenant-colonel canadien John McCrae.Rédigé à l'occasion des funérailles d'un ami de l'auteur, le lieutenant Alexis Helmer, tombé lors de la deuxième bataille d'Ypres en Belgique, les circonstances de sa composition font l'objet de plusieurs hypothèses.

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