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  1. Low German. High German. Dots indicate areas where multilingualism is common. The West Germanic languages constitute the largest of the three branches of the Germanic family of languages (the others being the North Germanic and the extinct East Germanic languages).

  2. Westgermanische Sprachen sind eine Untergruppe der germanischen Sprachen, welche unter anderem Englisch, Hochdeutsch, Niederländisch, Afrikaans, Niederdeutsch, Friesisch und Jiddisch umfasst. Eine ausführliche Liste der Einzelsprachen findet sich am Ende dieses Artikels.

  3. East Germanic †. North Sea Germanic, also known as Ingvaeonic / ˌɪŋviːˈɒnɪk /, is a postulated grouping of the northern West Germanic languages that consists of Old Frisian, Old English, and Old Saxon, and their descendants. Ingvaeonic is named after the Ingaevones, a West Germanic cultural group or proto-tribe along the North Sea ...

  4. English. Frisian. Dutch. Low German. High German. Dots indicate areas where multilingualism is common. The West Germanic Languages are a branch of Germanic languages first spoken in Central Europe and the British Isles. The branch has three parts: the North Sea Germanic languages, the Weser-Rhine Germanic languages, and the Elbe Germanic languages.

  5. Westgermanische Sprachen. Zu den westgermanischen Sprachen gehören: Englisch, Deutsch, Niederländisch, Afrikaans, Niederdeutsch, Jiddisch, Luxemburgisch, Friesisch und Pennsylvania Dutch. Nordgermanische Sprachen. Dazu gehören: Schwedisch, Dänisch, Norwegisch, Färöisch und Isländisch.

  6. Wolfram Euler (born 5 May 1950) is a German historical linguist and Indo-Europeanist . Scientific work Euler gained his doctorate (Ph.D.) in 1979 at the University of Giessen under Professor Rolf Hiersche. Euler's thesis was on parallels in nominal formation between Indo-Iranian languages and Ancient Greek.

  7. Help Category:West Germanic languages From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository English: West Germanic languages Esperanto: Okcidentĝermana lingvaro Subcategories This category has the following 10 subcategories, out of 10 total. * Linguistic maps of West Germanic languages ‎ (4 C, 96 F) A Anglo-Frisian languages ‎ (5 C) D

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