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  1. 150 Great Feel-Good Movies To Stream Right Now << Rotten ... › guide › great-feel

    4 days ago · 150 Great Feel-Good Movies to Stream Now. What defines a feel-good movie? It’s hard to say. For some, a thrilling fight sequence or a series of Michael Bay-style explosions brings joy; for others, a jump scare does it. For others still, a satisfying mystery; for others romance is key.

  2. List of films considered the best - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_films_considered

    4 days ago · Pinocchio (1940) was voted the best animated movie ever made in a 2014 poll of animators, filmmakers, critics, journalists, and experts conducted by Time Out. What's Opera, Doc? (1957), a Bugs Bunny cartoon, was selected as the greatest animated short film of all time by 1,000 animation professionals in the book The 50 Greatest Cartoons.

  3. 50 Best Movies on Shudder Right Now (November 2020) << Rotten ... › guide › best-movies

    4 days ago · Whatever genre box you might want to stuff these films in, the only stipulation for consideration to this guide was that each movie crossed at least 20 critics reviews. Now say hello to some old pals, and make a bunch of new weird ones, with our list of the 50 best movies on Shudder right now.

  4. Netflix: The 40 best movies to watch now - CNET › news › the-41-best-movies-to-watch-on

    5 days ago · Netflix. One of the best new family movies has just hit Netflix. From some of the same people who made Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse comes this adventure to save the world involving Mom, Dad ...

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  6. 24 of the best movies to stream on Amazon Prime Video - CNET › news › 19-of-the-best-movies-to-watch
    • The Big Sick. Amazon. The Big Sick introduced the world to Kumail Nanjiani, who co-wrote the movie based on his real-life romance with partner Emily V. Gordon.
    • You Were Never Really Here. Amazon Studios. A psychological thriller starring a pre-Joker Joaquin Phoenix? Yeah, more people need to watch You Were Never Really Here.
    • Brittany Runs a Marathon. Amazon. An enjoyable comedy, yes, but Brittany Runs a Marathon also hits close to home, focusing on the things we're all obsessed with: food, body image and exercise.
    • Suspiria. Amazon Studios. Luca Guadagnino's horror picture framed in a bleak, art house window won't be for everyone, but for those who go down the rabbit hole of its prestigious Berlin dance school, you're in for a twisted treat.
  7. The 24 best movies to see on Amazon Prime Video - CNET › news › 23-best-films-to-see-on-amazon

    4 days ago · The Emmys nominations are coming up and, while Amazon Prime Video doesn't quite boast Netflix's stash of original movies, it has a few standouts. Small Axe, an anthology film series from Steve ...

  8. 28 Best Movies for Tweens That We Can't Resist › new-york-kids › movies
    • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) Kickstart an evening of witchcraft and wizardry with the inaugural story of the beloved Harry Potter series.
    • The Baby-sitters Club (1995) The '90s classic follows a group of young girls who want to turn their baby-sitting jobs into a legit summer camp, but there's a grumpy old neighbor who's determined not to let that happen.
    • The Princess Diaries (2001) High school is never without its challenges—mean girls, unrequited crushes, to name a painstaking few. But what happens when a teen's normal turns royal?
    • Freaky Friday (2003) In this Disney retelling, a punk-rock teen and her uptight mother can't seem to get on the same page... until a freaky scenario forces them switch bodies.
  9. 'Those Who Wish Me Dead' review: Angelina Jolie thriller ... › story › entertainment

    3 days ago · The wilderness thriller “Those Who Wish Me Dead” is a perfect film for Angelina Jolie – well, maybe if it actually came out in the 1990s. The A-lister's still A-OK doing all the action stuff ...

  10. Best Free Movie Apps 100% Working (May 2021) › best-free-movie-apps

    5 days ago · Movies are a powerful medium to break boredom and we all love to watch movies in our leisure movements. A good movie can shake off the tiredness of a hectic day. Now a day there are a lot of ways to watch movies without dragging yourself to the cinemas. The best solution is to download free movie apps.

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