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  1. Permalink. An un-necessary film with nothing but repetition. bobbysing 29 September 2011. Right from the day when the first look of the film was revealed, SPEEDY SINGHS failed to create any kind of excitement even in the northern Punjabi belt of the country due to its repeated, uninteresting and forced kind of content.

  2. Rex (Bruce Willis) is a sharp suited crime boss who hires a crew for a bank job for his client who wants something valuable retrieved from the vaults. Frank (Michael Chiklis) a safecracker and his brother Joe are part of the crew.

  3. Effective film about Willard Stiles (Bruce Davison), a rather awkward man who is pretty much pushed around by everyone who knows him. His entire life is devoted to his mother (Elsa Lanchester) but after she dies he sinks further into a strange mental state where he only friends are rats.

  4. Yaqui Joe Herrera (Burt Reynolds) robs an Arizona bank and heads into Mexico where he's eventually caught by Sheriff Lyedecker (Jim Brown). Soon the sheriff realizes that the young half Indian stole the money so that he could buy his people some weapons in order to fight.

  5. Jun 24, 2022 · A classic for all ages, Peter Boyle’s take on Frankenstein’s monster is more playful than scary—after all, it’s hard to see a kid being terrified by a tap-dancing monster, even if he is “puttin’ on...

  6. Sep 28, 2018 · Alas, after 62 harrowing episodes, the neo-Western crime drama rode off into the night, leaving behind a 99.1 percent pure legacy of white-knuckled, blackhearted transformation. The low-rated cult...

  7. Jun 07, 2020 · Rebel Wilson's breakthrough role saw her playing obese Greek-Australian Toula Maccalopoulos in SBS comedy series Fat Pizza from 2003 to 2007.. And speaking to The Sunday Telegraph's Insider before ...

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