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  1. Travel hacks: Ways it pays to read the fine print - Cheapflights

    May 16, 2017 · Watch out for extras: Some airlines charge for extras like printing your boarding pass, so try to print boarding passes beforehand or go mobile when possible. Baggage Know what you’ll be packing: Unbundled airfare means that travellers only have to pay for those options they will need.

  2. Equipment Check In - Air Canada

    If you’re travelling with kayaking equipment, please be at the airport a full 30 minutes before the normal recommended check-in time for your flight. Each kayak counts as one piece of baggage towards the maximum number of checked bags allowed by your fare type.

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  4. Checked Baggage | Air Canada

    Eligible active and retired members of the Canadian and U.S. military are entitled to up to three pieces of checked baggage, each weighing up to 32 kg (70 lb) each. If you are an eligible customer, please proceed as follows to benefit from this enhanced baggage allowance:

  5. One of many reasons to print a boarding pass at home ...

    Allegiant apparently decided to leave a quarter of the plane behind on a flight last week, arguably due to understaffing their station in Lafayette, Louisiana. According to passengers the agent working the ticket counter simply walked away with about 30 customers still in line trying to get checked in and obtain boarding passes. The passengers …

  6. Do NOT print boarding passes prior to arriving at airport ...

    Answer 11 of 19: Just left today, am finally back in my home state as I'm writing this. Yesterday we checked into our flight with US Airways through their website, and printed our boarding passes.

  7. Most will require that you submit your original boarding pass by mail directly to them. Nearly all airlines do have a procedure that permits you to claim past date miles. Please call your airline directly to verify their procedure. Please note: Not all fare types qualify for frequent flyer point accumulation. Please check with the Airline, your ...

  8. Travel Advice For Beginners: a Guide to Airports, Documents ...

    Head to the check-in counter first in order to get your boarding pass for the flight, and to drop off your bags. If you don’t see your flight on the screen, don’t panic. Often they don’t list the flight until 2 hours before departure.

  9. Flight check-in | Alaska Airlines

    To view trip details, change seats, change dates or times for select reservation types, or cancel a current reservation, use your confirmation code.To apply the value of an unused ticket towards a new reservation, use your e-ticket number.

  10. Avoiding travel through the United States – Travel guide at ...
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    To North and Central America

    Getting from Europe to Canada in practice never requires entering the U.S. and most flights don't even enter U.S. airspace. European airports big enough to have intercontinental flights often serve at least Toronto Pearson. From the largest European hubs there are often several daily flights to Canada's major intercontinental airports in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and sometimes direct flights to other Canadian airports too (Calgaryin particular has several connections through Air Transat...

    To the Caribbean

    Cuba and the Dominican Republic are likely the most popular destinations in the Caribbean and there are a number of direct flights from Europe – especially to beach destinations like Varadero, Puerto Plata and Punta Cana – but also to the capitals Havana and Santo Domingo. In addition, Montego Bayin Jamaica is served from several European airports. Most other islands in the Caribbean were — or are still — ruled by either the British, Dutch or French. Therefore, if the island's airport is big...

    To South America

    In general, nonstop flights between Europe and South America go nowhere near the United States – exceptions are flights to Colombia and Ecuador that might fly over U.S. territories in the Caribbean. Again, the largest European airports all have services to the largest South American airports Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. From these four hubs there is a good access to all of the rest of the continent. Caracasused to be served from most of the above European air...

    To Canada

    There are some non-stop services to Vancouver. Air Canada flies from Sydney to Vancouver non-stop, with an onward direct flight on the same plane to Toronto). In addition, Qantas has seasonal flights on the same route. From New Zealand Air New Zealand has non-stop flights from Aucklandto Vancouver. You can also continue to book flights to Canada via either Auckland or major Asian transit points such as Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Check in each case that the flight is non-stop or...

    To Latin America and the Caribbean

    Santiago de Chile is served directly from Sydney and Melbourne by Qantas, and Sydney via Auckland by LATAM. The latter also operates a service from Melbourne. Buenos Aires can be reached by Air New Zealand direct flights from Auckland. These flights are substantially shorter than trips via North America, but are less frequent and can be more expensive. Book well in advance. Onward flights to the rest of South America and up to Mexicoare available from both cities. Getting to the Caribbean or...

    To Europe

    From Oceania, you can fly from Sydney or Auckland to Paris via Papeete — but this way you won't avoid travel through the U.S. as this service will land in LAX. Flights via Asia are not only shorter (in most cases) but probably also more frequent.

    To Canada

    There are many non-stop flights to Vancouver from major East and Southeast Asian hubs on both Asian and Canadian airlines, as Vancouver is the closest North American port-of-call to Asia. A connection via Seoul's Incheon International Airportmay be convenient because that is quite a good airport and closer to Vancouver than most points in Asia. Also, Korea does allow sterile transit so you need not worry about customs or immigration if only changing planes. Recently there has been an increase...

    To Latin America and the Caribbean

    Being located roughly on the other side of the planet, there are very few direct connections between Latin America and the Far East and you're in for a lengthy trip no matter which way you travel. While direct services do exist, due to the long distances there are hardly any non-stopflights. The plane has to stop and refuel somewhere, and that somewhere is for some routes an airport in the United States. Increasingly fuel efficient planes with bigger and bigger tanks bring longer and longer r...

    There is a general lack of flights direct to non-US North America from Africa, so it might be a better idea to fly to Europe first; the exception being Northern Africa to Canada. Egyptair flies from Cairo and Ethiopian from Addis Ababa to Toronto. Both Air Canada and Royal Air Maroc fly from Casablanca to Montreal, and Tunisair flies there from Tunis, though for African and Middle Eastern citizens going via Canada is often not a much better alternative. If heading from Africa to anywhere in South America – or for that matter anywhere in Latin America – there are a number of routes going via Brazil. Be aware that if you come from a yellow fever endemic country, a vaccination certificate is mandatory in order to enter Brazil. From the southern part of the continent, South African Airways and LATAM fly directly from Johannesburg to São Paulo and TAAG Air Angola flies direct from Luanda to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Havana. For travelers starting in Eastern Africa, Ethiopian flies fr...

    Getting around the Western Hemisphere without landing in the U.S. is for the most part doable. There's a good selection of nonstop flights from Canada to Mexico, Central America, South America and Caribbean, but all of them pass through US airspace. If this is a problem for you, the only feasible alternative is flying a long detour via some European airport. What's more, the shortest path from eastern Canada to Spain and Portugal (which as per above have great connections to Latin America) as well as to North Africa (from where there are some flights to South America) crosses the northeastern U.S. There are also good connections between Mexican, Central American and South American airports. However, Caribbean airports are in general only connected to other Caribbean airports and to airports in the US and Canada. Santo Domingo, Punta Cana and Havanahave a range of flights to mainland Latin America, and some airports in the southern Caribbean have services to Caracas and Bogotá.

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