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  1. Dec 03, 2021 · The final step represented a critical juncture. Opposition parties missed their chance to reinstate federalism when the constitution was overthrown in 1966. Instead, a newly drafted constitution in 1969 left out the regional assemblies, confirming and consolidating Ghana's unitary status. Warning signs: institutional layering and crisis response

  2. Unlike in the United States, senators in the Senate of the Philippines are elected not per district and state but nationally; the Philippines is a unitary state. The Philippine government's decision-making process, relative to the United States, is more rigid, highly centralised, much slower and susceptible to political gridlock .

  3. Dec 03, 2021 · Putin did so in amending the constitution, which according to law can only be amended an article at a time, but Putin amended numerous articles in one swoop in April 2020. In mid-March 2021, Zelenskiy unconstitutionally fired the chairman of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court, a power the constitution does not grant the Ukrainian president (www ...

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  5. Dec 03, 2021 · The United States Constitution, the basis of federalism. traveler1116/Getty Images

  6. 18 hours ago · This list of ongoing armed conflicts identifies present-day conflicts and the death toll associated with each conflict. The guidelines of inclusion are the following: Armed conflicts consist in the use of armed force between two or more organized armed groups, governmental or non-governmental. Interstate, intrastate and non-state armed ...

  7. 19 hours ago · In this paper, we propose a multipartite entanglement measure for arbitrary pure states, which is presented based on reduced density matrices of multi-qudit pure states. We review some multipartite entanglement measures based on density matrices. This is helpful for us to introduce a new good entanglement measure, which is vanishing if and only if a state is separable, invariant under local ...

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