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      • The dialing code or calling code of Luxembourg starts with +352. The top level domain or TLD or Country specific Internet domains for Luxembourg ends with .lu and The currency alphabetic code of Luxembourg is EUR and currency name of Luxembourg is Euro. Find all major country codes for Luxembourg in the table below:
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  2. The ISO 3166-1 numeric or numeric country code of Luxembourg is 442 , ISO3166-1-Alpha-2 or two letter country code of Luxembourg is LU and ISO3166-1-Alpha-3 or three letter country code of Luxembourg is LUX. ISO or International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies.

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  3. Aug 4, 2022 · 0 The assigned country code for Luxembourg is 9999 as per the ISO 3166-1 and is basically a device which enables to carry out the data processing and the communication works smoothly. The country code for Luxembourg is basically a very short numeric geographical code or better known as the geocodes.

  4. Traveling and Luxembourg. If you are planning a business trip or vacation to Luxembourg, you need to know the following information: Luxembourg uses the phone code +352. Type of electrical sockets in Luxembourg is C,F 230 V and 50 Hz. You can see photos of electrical sockets above this article.

  5. Dec 28, 2021 · Despite its small landmass and small population, Luxembourg is the fifth-wealthiest country in the world when measured on a gross domestic product (PPP) per capita basis. Luxembourg has one of the highest current account surpluses as a share of GDP in the euro zone, and it maintains a healthy budgetary position, with a 2017 surplus of 0.5% of ...

    • Luxembourg is the second-richest country in the world. Ranked by its GDP (gross domestic product) per capita of US$92,049 (2014). According to the International Monetary Fund projections, Luxembourg will overtake Qatar to become the richest nation in the world in 2015 with a GDP per capita of US$96,269.
    • Facts about Luxembourg: it has the highest minimum wage in the EU. Paying workers a minimum of €1,923 per month. However, the cost of living in Luxembourg is one of the highest in the world.
    • Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world. Crime rates in Luxembourg are impressively low. According to a UN survey, you have less chance of being shot in Luxembourg than in any other country in the world.
    • Nearly half of Luxembourg’s workforce commutes to work in Luxembourg from another country. Cross-border workers are in almost every sector of the Luxembourgish economy.
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    The Exit Code is the number assigned to your country to dial an international number. The Country Code is the number each country is assigned for incoming phone calls. In some cases, many countries share a single country code, such as Canada and the United States. The City or Area Code is the number an area is assigned for incoming calls.

  7. Jan 12, 2022 · With these 50 interesting facts about Luxembourg, let’s learn more about its: history, culture, people, economy, flag, cuisine, traditions; and some random facts. Facts about Luxembourg’s history 1. Some of Charlemagne’s most important battles occurred in Luxembourg’s Ardennes forest.

  8. Mar 8, 2020 · What is country code of Luxembourg? +352 Luxembourg/Dialing codes. How many digits is a Luxembourg phone number? Luxembourg’s telephone numbers are made up of 8 to 11 numbers split into groups of 3. So if you’re going to make a call to Luxembourg using a mobile phone, you should dial country code+area code+4-digit number.

  9. Luxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a country of continent Europe. Luxembourg covers an area of 2.586 square kilometres. Luxembourg is the capital of Luxembourg. The official language of Luxembourg is Luba-Katanga (). The telephone country code for Luxembourg is 352. The Luxembourg country code 352 will allow you to call ...

  10. Mar 27, 2023 · Gender roles in Luxembourg. In terms of gender roles, Luxembourg is a country that places a strong emphasis on gender equality. It scored 73.5 out of 100 points on the European Institute for Gender Equality Index in 2022.

  11. Area: 2586 square km2/998 square miles, Capital: Luxembourg, Country Code: 352, Country Population: 590,000, Currency: Euro, Drives on the: Right, Electricity: 220 ...

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