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  1. Christian theology varies significantly across the main branches of Christian tradition: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.Each of those traditions has its own unique approaches to seminaries and ministerial formation.

  2. Protestantism is a form of Christianity that follows the tenets of the Protestant Reformation: a movement within Western Christianity that began in the 16th century against what its followers perceived to be errors, abuses, innovations, discrepancies, and theological novums within the Catholic Church.

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    The Reformation (alternatively named the Protestant Reformation or the European Reformation) was a major movement within Western Christianity in 16th-century Europe that posed a religious and political challenge to the Catholic Church and in particular to papal authority, arising from what were perceived to be errors, abuses, and discrepancies by the Catholic Church.

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    In Christianity, evangelism (or witnessing) is the act of preaching the gospel with the intention of sharing the message and teachings of Jesus Christ.. Christians who specialize in evangelism are often known as evangelists, whether they are in their home communities or living as missionaries in the field, although some Christian traditions refer to such people as missionaries in either case.

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    The Eucharist (/ ˈ juː k ər ɪ s t /; Greek: εὐχαριστία, translit. eucharistía, lit. "thanksgiving"), also known as Holy Communion and the Lord's Supper among other names, is a Christian rite that is considered a sacrament in most churches, and as an ordinance in others.

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    Theosis may refer to: . Divinization (Christian) Exaltation (Mormonism), (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) refers to the process of becoming a God through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

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    Other traditions The Eucharist is considered a sacrament, ordinance, or equivalent in most Christian denominations. The enumeration, naming, understanding, and the adoption of the sacraments formally vary according to denomination , although the finer theological distinctions are not always understood and may not even be known to many of the ...

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