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  1. Homicide includes a number of sub-categories like murder, manslaughter or vehicular manslaughter and comes in different degrees. Violent crimes include assault and battery, arson, domestic and child abuse, rape, statutory rape sexual assault, and kidnapping. Property Crimes

  2. Civil crimes are unjustifiable actions of wanting to commit an offense. That is, the damaging purpose; the criminal offense, on the other hand, becomes a fraudulent or culpable task. The civil offense to conform must cause harm to others; in criminal offenses this collection is not necessary. The sanctions incurred on one and the other are ...

  3. In general, defamation is a civil wrong. To win a defamation lawsuit, the person who was harmed by the false statement must prove that the statement was false, that it was published or spoken to a third party, and that the person suffered harm as a result. However, in some cases, defamation may also be a crime.

  4. The records in this collection represent the files of the national office of the Congress, based in New York City, including several hundred case files; publications produced and received by the Congress; files of the Literature Department; Executive Director William Pattersons correspondence files; correspondence and other materials from Civil Rights Congress chapters around the country.

  5. A ‘ victimless crime’ is any activity that is illegal but does not involve physical harm or threatening of the right of another person and does not involve the destruction of property. It involves a situation whereby a person will act alone as well as a consensual act between two parties- there is usually no victim because the illegal ...

  6. The Section’s public corruption work involves the investigation and prosecution of bribery, extortion, fraud, and embezzlement committed by elected and appointed officials, government employees, and those doing business with city, state, and federal government. The Section handles a variety of civil rights cases, including allegations that ...

  7. Aimee Harris stole items from Ashley Biden’s room and conspired with Robert Kurlander to sell them to activist group, prosecutors say

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