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  1. Jul 29, 2021 · The Song of Four Fools Answer: In a tall tree in a jungle lived a little black bird. Every morning it sang sweetly. Down on the ground fell a few grains of gold from its beak as it sang. One morning a fowler saw the grains of gold dropping down from its beak. He said to himself, “What a luck! I must catch this bird and carry it home.

  2. apple tree in a house small boy plays around it tree becomes fond of the boyboy grows up has no time to play with the tree tree feels sad boy comes back after many years asks tree to give him money for toys tree asks boy to pick apples and sell them boy is happy and goes doesn’t return for many years tree feels sad after few years comes …

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  4. Feb 27, 2021 · Create your own comic strip titled, ‘The Adventures of Cheese Man & Apple Boy!”’. What kind of adventures do you think these two characters would go on together? What would your dream superhero team look like? Who would be a part of this team and why? Also, what would the team be called? Write about a real-life superhero you know.

  5. Every morning it sang “The song of four fools”. It sang, “I flew into the fowler’s net. I was the first fool. The fowler gave me away to the king. The fowler was the sec ond fool. The King gave me away to the queen. The king was the third fool. The queen set me free. The queen was the fourth fool. Format Of Story Writing Class 8 Question 3.

  6. Aug 16, 2021 · 2. It should be clear, legible and genuine. The file type should be pdf for multiple pages and jpg is allowed only for single page document. Use apps like “cam scanner” for mobile capture, crop and edit photos and save it as pdf. One file should be complete in all aspects like one full question paper, Notes of a complete topic.

  7. Visual Input Writing Class 8 Question 1. The Lion and the Camel Answer: In a dense jungle, a lion lived with its three assistants — a jackal, a crow and a leopard. Due to their proximity to the King of the jungle, the assistants never had to look for food.