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  1. Sacramento Destroyed by Rioters; Mayor Steinberg Refused to ...

    Feb 22, 2021 · 01 Jun 2020 8:10 am. While the Sacramento Bee still was calling the downtown protests “peaceful,” most of downtown was destroyed Sunday evening by rioters. “A relatively peaceful day of protests in Sacramento descended into a second night of anarchy Sunday as looters and vandals roamed through pockets of downtown and midtown, smashing windows and looting stores,” the Sac Bee reported.

  2. Fact-checking false claims of Antifa at US Capitol riot ...

    Jan 08, 2021 · Misinformation spread across social media like wildfire after a riot began at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. Many of the claims repeated the idea that it was actually members of Antifa or anarchist...

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  4. PD: 84 people arrested during protest in East Sacramento

    Mar 05, 2019 · More than 80 people were arrested Monday night during a protest in East Sacramento, police said.Of the 84 people arrested, 83 were taken in on charges related to failure to disperse and one person ...

  5. 33 People Arrested During Sacramento Freedom Protest... - The ...

    May 02, 2020 · That’s the case in Sacramento California where a group of frustrated and rebellious citizens sought to petition their home confinement order by using the first amendment. Apparently protesting a governor for redress of grievances, during a time of arbitrary suspension of the first amendment to the U.S. constitution, is grounds for arrest. As a result 33 Californians were were arrested for not complying with the governor’s order they were protesting against.

  6. Fun Facts About Sacramento, California

    The Sacramento Jazz Festival was held for more than 40 years (ending in 2017) and took place every Memorial Day weekend. Multiple cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds came together in Old Sacramento to enjoy some incredible local talent from all genres of music. The Sacramento Zoo is a historical treasure. It’s been around since 1927 and ...

  7. Los Angeles Riots of 1992 | Summary, Deaths, & Facts | Britannica

    At the intersection of Florence and Normandie avenues, in predominantly Black South Central Los Angeles—not far from Watts, where large-scale rioting had resulted in 34 deaths in 1965—a growing crowd began harassing motorists.

  8. 10 Facts about Riots | Facts of World
    • the history of riots. The history of riots had been traced back in the past. It has been associated with various reasons such as football hooliganism, religions, living condition, poverty, taxation, oppression of government, and conflict of ethnic groups.
    • the characteristics. The characteristics, which define riots, are the herd-like and chaotic behaviors. However, some people tried to control it and wanted to serve as the leaders.
    • the modern rioters. The modern rioters are smarter today. They know how to deal with the police to make their action successful. Read Also: 10 Facts about Rejection.
    • the role of internet. Internet provides the rioters with manuals to guide them for successful riot. One of the tips is to make the press involved in the event.
  9. No, Antifa Wasn’t Behind the Capitol Riot –

    Jan 07, 2021 · In the wake Wednesday's mob assault on the U.S. Capitol, some conservatives are trying to shift blame from the dozens of pro-Trump protesters who stormed the building to a fictitious antifa boogeyman.

  10. 10 facts about Sacramento - fun and interesting facts
    • Sacramento is California's sixth capital, since 1854, and has been the state capital on two different occasions.
    • Sacramento has some unique nicknames, including "The Camella Capital of the World," "City of Trees," and "The Big Tomato."
    • Sacramento features an extensive network of tunnels beneath the city's foundations, built during the raising of the city to avoid flooding.
    • Sacramento is one of America's "haunted" cities. Some of the famously haunted locations include the Governor's Mansion and the California State Library.
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