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    What are some good African American names?

    What are some African American boy names?

    What are some traditional African names?

    What are the most popular American boy names?

    • Pamela Redmond
    • Theodore. Greek. Meaning: "gift of God" Description: Theodore is a derivative of the Latin Theodorus, a variation of the Greek name Theodōros. The components are from the Greek words theos, meaning "God," and dōron, meaning "gift," giving Theodore the meaning "God-given" or "gift of God."
    • Silas. English from Latin. Meaning: "wood, forest" Description: Silas is based on the name Silvanus, and the two are used interchangeably in the Bible.
    • Otto. German. Meaning: "wealthy" Description: Cutting-edge parents have revived this German name a la Oscar. Otto Continued.
    • Otis. Variation of Otto, German. Meaning: "wealthy" Description: Otis has a double image: it's cool and bluesy a la Otis Redding, but also an upscale, high-society name of the past.
    • Abimbola (Nigerian origin) meaning "born into wealth," the name is specific to the Yoruba people of western Nigeria.
    • Abiodun (Nigerian origin) meaning "born during festivities," and is from the Yoruba ethnic group.
    • Abioye (Nigerian origin) means "born into royalty," from the Yoruba ethnic group.
    • Acheampong (Ashanti origin) this last names means "destined for greatness," found among the Ashanti people of Ghana.
  2. Nov 04, 2021 · Pagan and Wiccan Boy Names. Pagan baby names for boys can take inspiration from nature or the gods. Look at Celtic, Native American, Roman or Gaelic mythologies and find perfect Wiccan baby names for your child. 1.Achak - Native American origin, meaning "spirit." 2.Adonis - Greek god of beauty and desire, meaning "one who is extremely good ...

  3. Nov 02, 2021 · The name has a simple meaning of good. But in the Samoan culture, Manaia is used to refer to the son of the high chief, when he performs taualga, the graceful solo dance to honor his family and village. You can shorten the name to Mana, which means ‘spiritual power’. 3. Fetu: Fetu is one of the most powerful Samoan baby names for boys.

    • Arshi Ahmed
  4. 5 days ago · African-American names have origins in many languages including French, Latin, English, Arabic, and African languages. One very notable influence on African-American names is the Muslim religion. Islamic names entered the popular culture with the rise of The Nation of Islam among Black Americans with its focus on civil rights.

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