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  2. Dec 16, 2021 · Today, Australia’s multiculturalism can be said to be formed around terms like Optimism, Mateship, Humour, Authenticity, Informality, and Humility. Australians are known for attributing high value to persons who observe these fundamental ideals, which have in turn played a significant role in forming strong traditions for all Australians.

    • Bunnings sausage sizzles. A Bunnings sausage sizzle has to be the most iconic of all the Australian traditions! It’s something so simple, yet it really is a great intro to the Australian culture.
    • A Bunnings umbrella. Yes, it’s another Bunnings one! This isn’t a tradition as such but more like a way of life – I couldn’t mention Bunnings without recongising that 99% of the population owns at least one large Bunnings umbrella which we all pull out when it rains.
    • Doing the Tim Tam slam. One day I’ll record my kids doing the Tim Tam slam as a demo but, basically, this is a fun Australia tradition of drinking a hot drink through a Tim Tam (which is like a Penguin if you’re in the UK).
    • Serving fairy bread at kids’ parties. Fairy bread is an Australian party food that is basically bread and butter with sprinkles scattered on. You aren’t allowed to host a kids’ birthday party without it.
  3. Australia is one of the best countries to study and live abroad. They are known for exotic wildlife, scenic landscapes, and more. Also, the vast beaches add so much excitement to the Australian lifestyle. Australian customs and traditions vary from one place to another. However, the most notable one is the friendliness of its people.

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    Australia is a diverse, multiethnic nation with people from all over the world settling in Australia alongside the indigenous inhabitants. Caucasians of European descent make up the largest part of the population and have had the biggest impact on the nation's culture. Some of the earliest British immigrants into Australia were convicts as the Brit...

    Native Australians have had more than 40,000 years to develop their own unique culinary traditions. They were traditionally hunters and gatherers, and the unique Australian landscape provided them with a wide array of food sources. They hunted kangaroos and emus as their primary source of meat. Communities living along the coast used to catch fish ...

    Native Australian art has existed for nearly 60,000 years giving them the distinction of having the oldest continuous art tradition on the planet. Australia has more prehistoric art than any other continent with hundreds of thousands of locations having the unique indigenous rock art. Australia is also home to well-known artists such as Max Dupain,...

    Native Australians have a rich musical heritage spanning several centuries with the didgeridoo being one of their most famous instruments. Immigrants into Australia brought along their homelands' unique musical traditions such as folk ballads which the British immigrants introduced. Caucasian settlers also introduced European classical music to Aus...

    Sports are an essential part of Australian life with cricket being the nation's most popular sport. The history of cricket in Australia stretches back at least 200 years with the first cricket match being played in 1803. Of all the famous cricket stars from the nation, Donald Bradman is considered the greatest batsman to ever play the sport. Footba...

    The freedom of religion is enshrined in the Australian constitution which also states that there should be no official state religion in the country. The natives of Australia developed their religious tradition over their 40,000 years stay on the island referred to as the Dreaming. The religious traditions of these communities were passed down thro...

    One of the most iconic pieces of Native Australian dressing is the possum-skin cloak which was favored by communities living in the southeastern part of the country. With the spread of western civilization, fewer possum-skin cloaks were made as modern clothing replaced them. A cover made of kangaroo hide called the Buka was more prevalent in the so...

    Australian popular culture developed mainly along western lines. Australia has a dynamic country music scene that draws more from Celtic tradition than the American tradition. Several Australian music stars have made a name for themselves internationally with their music which consistently tops international charts. Sia, Gotye, and Keith Urban are ...

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    Capital of Australia: You might’ve guessed Sydney or Melbourne but it’s in fact, Canberra (pronounced “CAN-bruh”)
    Population of Australia: 24.5 million*
    Largest City: Sydney (5.5 million*)
    Size of Australia: 7.5 million square kilometers, 6th largest country in the world


    1. Summer: December – February 2. Autumn: March – May 3. Winter: June – August 4. Spring: September – November

    When to go:

    1. North Coast: April – October 2. Mid West Coast: March – May, September – November 3. Mid East Coast: March – May, September – November 4. South Coast & Tasmania: October – April 5. Outback: September – November, April – June Ready to go? We got you covered! Here’s your ultimate guide to thebest budget accommodations in Sydney.

    Food to try:

    1. Vegemite 2. Barbecue 3. Meat pies and sausage rolls 4. Tim Tams 5. Kangaroo 6. Flat white coffee & piccolo lattes 7. Pavlova 8. Lamb 9. Lamingtons 10. Anzac Biscuits

    Native Australians, or Aboriginal people, arrived between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago, making them the oldest civilization in the world. Over 500 clans lived in Australia, each with their own unique culture and language. They all had a spiritual connection to their land but traveled often to trade and find resources. During the 17th and 18th centur...

    Greetings: Shake hands, say hello or introduce yourself. It’s common and perfectly polite to address people by their first names (even your boss or people older than you). People often call each ot...
    Communication: Australians are very casual, direct and humorous when communicating. Honesty is appreciated and arrogance is looked down on.
    Punctuality: Always be on time in business settings. In social settings, it’s okay to be a little bit late (~15 minutes).
    Parties: If you’re invited to an infamous Aussie “barbie” (barbecue), it’s standard to bring drinks. Asking the host if there’s something you should bring will score you extra points.
    Paying at a Restaurant: Usually, you pay when you order or go to the cashier to pay for your meal afterward.
    Tipping in Restaurants: 0-10% (mostly for exceptional service. Unnecessary when “service fee” is included on the bill).
    Tipping Bartenders: Roundup
    Drinking with friends: Australians typically take turns (“shout”) buying rounds of drinks.

    Here are some basics to get you speaking like an Aussie in no time! 1. “Arvo“: Afternoon 2. “Breaky“: Breakfast 3. “Barrack” for the (sports team): Cheer for/support (fun fact: “Root” is an innuendo for having sex) 4. “Bogan“: Australian version of a “redneck” 5. “Boot” of the car: Trunk, also used for “vomit” 6. “Bottle-O“: Bottle shop, liquor sto...

    Around 85% of the population live within 50 kilometers of the coast.
    Australia was the second self-governing country to allow women the right to vote (1902), after New Zealand (1893).
    Voting in Australian elections is compulsory for those that are 18 years of age and older.
    There are three times as many sheep than people in Australia.

    Planning on taking a trip to Australia? Check out these guides to help you prep for your trip. Next step: practice the accent 😉 1. A Guide to Australian Etiquettefrom Insider Guides 2. Guide to Australia – Etiquette, Customs, Culture & Businessfrom Kwintessential 3. People, Culture, Traditions and Customs in Australia from International Education ...

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