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  2. Oct 17, 2022 · Luxembourg is the second-richest country in the world. 2. Facts about Luxembourg: it has the highest minimum wage in the EU. 3. Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world. 4. Nearly half of Luxembourg’s workforce commutes to work in Luxembourg from another country. 5. The restaurant with the world’s largest wine list is in Luxembourg.

  3. History of Luxembourg Ancient and medieval periods The earliest human remains found in present-day Luxembourg date from about 5140 bce, but little is known about the people who first populated the area. Two Belgic tribes, the Treveri and Mediomatrici, inhabited the country from about 450 bce until the Roman conquest of 53 bce.

    • Some of Charlemagne’s most important battles occurred in Luxembourg’s Ardennes forest. The Song of Roland describes a nightmare set in the Ardennes the emperor had on the eve of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass in 778.
    • The first towered fortification, the Bock, built in what would eventually become Luxembourg City was constructed on the rocky cliffs above the River Alzette and offered a natural fortification.
    • From 1310 to 1437 the House of Luxembourg (its Counts, who were later Dukes), were also Kings of Bohemia (what is now the modern Czech Republic). Three of its members were also elected Holy Roman Emperor: Henry VII, Charles IV, and Sigismund.
    • The daughter of Sigismund, Elizabeth of Luxembourg, wed Habsburg’s Albert II, who succeeded Sigismund as not only Holy Roman Emperor but King of Hungary and Bohemia as well.
  4. May 27, 2022 · Luxembourg was an original member of the Inner Six which founded the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1958. The other Inner Six countries were Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Luxembourg facts tells us the EEC, along with the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), was a precursor to the European Union.

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    When we address a country we address its cultural aspects too and Luxembourg has a rich cultural aspect. The culture and tradition also have the influence of its neighboring country and these are discussed below. Culturally Luxembourg is ahead as it is represented through its language and traditions. If you ever visit Luxembourg you will come acros...

    Just like the culture, the food of Luxembourg is also an amalgamation of French and German cuisine. Some of its popular food includes gromper keeschelche, Bouneschlupp, quetsche tort and more. So if you ever plan to visit Luxembourg make sure to try these. Famous restaurants that are worth a visit include Restaurant Chiggeri that happens to have th...

    Although Luxembourg is a tiny country yet the grandeur of this country is insufficient as it is famous for a lot of things. From its beautiful landscapes, the finest wine, and GDP the landlocked country Luxembourg has got a lot to offer. The education system of Luxembourg is famous for its unique curriculum as all three languages are taught. The sc...

    The first pieces of evidence of human remains that have been found from Luxembourg date back to 5140 BCE. The land was inhabited by various committees including the Celts, Belgic, Ligurians, Romans, Franks, and Germans. In the following passage, we will learn about one of the most influential eras called the ‘Golden age’, the World Wars, and its cu...