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  1. Different Types of Literary Drama. Drama in literature refers to the performance of written dialogue and stage action. It’s a literary genre that allows actors to act out a writer’s words directly to an audience. But there’s more than one type of literary genre – and chances are, you’ve seen examples of them all. Here are some ...

  2. The Different Types of Drama That Everyone Should Know About. Drama reflects human behavior in the form of a story through acting and dance. The elements contained in it and the components of the plot form the basis for classifying drama into specific categories. We have provided you with a list of different types of drama.

  3. Jan 22, 2021 · 4 types of drama in literature with examples and explained. There are four major types of drama: comedy, tragedy, tragicomedy, and melodrama. These types originated at different times, but each of them has its characteristics. However, all of them have their place in modern culture and should be appreciated.

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    Drama: Glossary 3 GLOSSARY For the purposes of the Drama syllabus, the following definitions will apply. Terms indicated with a hash (#) do not directly appear in the syllabus but are in common drama use. Term Definition Action (dramatic) When a situation is presented, explored and resolved.

  6. The three genres of drama were comedy, satyr plays, and most important of all, tragedy. Comedy: The first comedies were mainly satirical and mocked men in power for their vanity and foolishness.

  7. GLOSSARY OF DRAMA TECHNIQUES voice, body, movement and use of space VOICE Pitch the highness or lowness of a sound Pace the rate at which words are spoken Pause where sound stops, how often and for how long Projection enables audience to hear the voice Volume how loudly/softly the words are spoken Articulation clarity of voice

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