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  1. Mar 17, 2020 · Additional Resources When You Can’t Leave Your Home. Looking for additional resources when you can’t or don’t want to leave your home? Following are some options we use regularly. Some of these do come with a fee but we have found it more than worth the convenience factor! DoorDash. They will deliver meals from most of your local restaurants.

  2. Jan 17, 2022 · SOMETHING CREATIVE. 39. Write a haiku.Fun, simple, and sometimes silly, blow off some steam with a quick haiku.Share with someone, or don’t. 40. Dance. Whether you do a dance workout or crank up a fun song and shake it out, there’s nothing like a happy boost of endorphins to cure boredom.

  3. 100 Things Teenagers Can Do Without Screens. Bake something new from a cookbook. Find something in your room that you enjoyed when you were younger and try it again, just for fun. Figure out what’s a mile or less from your home, and walk to one interesting place. Play a board game. Color, draw, or paint. Walk a dog (yours or a neighbor’s).

  4. Apr 01, 2020 · If you find yourself getting tired, irritated, bored, or simply disinterested during one of your business meetings, consider using a stress ball to keep your hands occupied and your mind at peace. 3. Play Games with Your Kids. Use your stress ball to play catch with your kids at home, without fear of punching a hole in your window.

  5. Oct 26, 2021 · Even if your family lives in a climate where spring can be rainy or muddy, there are still plenty of engaging activities for teens to do. So, whether you are looking to fill time over spring break, encourage your teen to set down their smartphone, or simply have a bored teen on your hands, here are 55 fun activities you can do with teens or ...

  6. Mar 16, 2020 · 93. Write a song. If you want to make it about your time inside and put it to the tune of "My Sharona" and replace "Sharona" with "Corona," do what you have to do. 94. Study the art of beatboxing. 95.

  7. She got the tickets! Unfortunately, the concert has now been cancelled, but I’ll be working out something else with her. Either way – she now has a list of many things to do, and can be proud of inspiring other kids as well! Here’s her list! 100 Things for Kids to Do at Home When Bored. Read a book. Watch cartoons. Watch a movie. Draw a ...