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  1. 11 Instagram Story Ideas When You're Bored At Home & Want ... › p › 11-instagram-story-ideas
    • A Drool-Worthy Pic Of Your Lunch. A dish like avocado toast is so Instagram-worthy that it deserves a proper snap before you dig in. Style an artsy photo of your lunch with just the right filters to make it pop, and post it on your IG Story.
    • A Snap Of Your Pup Getting A Bath During Golden Hour. Golden hour is the time during sunset when the lighting is perfect and the colors in the sky are dreamy AF.
    • A Recipe Tutorial Showing Off Your Baking Skills. If you love to bake, show off your skills in a series of Instagram Stories. Give your followers a lesson in the kitchen by bringing them along for the adventure while you bake something delicious.
    • A Boomerang Of Your At-Home Happy Hour Setup. Even at home, you can still have happy hour with your friends. Simply set up a Zoom call and have your homemade drinks ready to enjoy.
  2. 10 Fun Things That You Can Do Online Next Time You Are Bored ... › 10-fun-things-that-you-can-do

    Jul 06, 2021 · Stay In Touch with Latest News. You can access many news sites using the internet. It is best to stay informed about latest news, updates, and changes that are taking place in the world around you. You can also subscribe to the channels that you find the most appealing.

  3. 91 Best Fun Things To Do Online - Perfect activities to pass ... › fun-things-to-do-online
    • Recreate an old family photo and share it with your friends and family on social media. What's more worthwhile than doing something that your family will love?
    • Watch trending Youtube videos. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends.
    • Create your own meme. You might just discover a new talent.
    • Listen to current and classic radio programs. Time to hit the radio waves.
  4. 34 Fun Things To Do on the Internet When You're Bored › fun-things-to-do-on-the-internet
    • Google Yourself. Seriously. You never know what you'll uncover about yourself. That is, if you dare...
    • Take Quizzes. Test your knowledge of Renaissance art, Roald Dahl books, or even the best Twilight Zone episodes. Which Spice Girl are you? What type of pizza best sums up your personality?
    • Try Your Luck at the Penny Auctions. Less like a real auction and more like a game show, a penny auction gives you the remote chance of winning expensive items for very little money.
    • Try Another Country With Google Street View. Very few people realize just how cool Google Street View actually is. You can enter addresses or neighborhoods located in countries throughout the world and use your mouse to visually explore the streets, plazas, and more.
  5. People also ask

    What to do when you're bored at home on Instagram?

    What to do with your time when bored?

    What to look up on the Internet when bored?

    What to do for fun on the Internet?

  6. 20 Awesome Sites to Visit When You're Bored - Freemake › blog › 20-things-to-do-online

    Remember the time when you drew a stickman on your school notebooks? Now you have the unique chance to get that time back. On the site you can draw a stickman with your mouse and even take part in short adventures. 7. Lol at funny autocorrect fails. Autocorrect option on a mobile phone sometimes can put us in a akward situation.

    • Learn the scale of the Universe
      Learn the scale of the Universe
      Visit the site and you’ll see how small you’re. Nay, the whole our planet looks very tiny compared to The Milky Way Galaxy.
    • Listen to your birthday song
      Listen to your birthday song
      Want to know which song was #1 on the day you were born? Go to, set you birthday information and click “Find #1 Song”.
    • Cartoon yourself
      Cartoon yourself
      The service lets turn your photo into a cartoon character. Upload a photo, choose an effect and voila! SEE ALSO: How to Make a Cartoon Yourself.
  7. But if you don’t have anyone to chat with or no one to share some good thoughts then no need to worry. You can still do some impressive things. Things to Do Online When Bored. On the internet, you can do two things. Either enjoy the cool stuff online and get entertainment or make your time useful and get some useful knowledge.

  8. 25 Productive Things To Do When Bored - Men's Online Magazine › productive-things-to-do
    • Learn a New Skill on YouTube. In less than fifteen minutes, you can find a huge variety of new skills to practice on the world's leading video hosting site.
    • Try yoga. Picking up a new form of exercise will give big results and bonuses to your productivity. It can even boost your brain function!
    • Create a productivity plan. Sometimes the best way to work on your productivity is to plan for how best to use your time. Map out your time for the next week and see whether you can make more time for projects.
    • Set up a password manager. A small thing that can yield big benefits down the road, getting a password manager set up in your spare time is a fantastic way of maximizing productivity through your boredom.
  9. 100 Things to Do When Bored—Fun Things to Do When You're Bored › marynliles › things-to-do-when-bored

    Jul 04, 2021 · With YouTube tutorials, you can find out what items you need to purchase and how you can create your dream jewelry at home for a fraction of the cost! 55. Hang up some twinkle lights.

  10. 100 Things to Do when Bored with Life | CitizenSide › lifestyle › things-to-do-when-bored

    Craft a Time Capsule. Crafting a time capsule can also be one of the most fun things to do when bored at home. Put together sentimental items that can make your future self happily reminisce someday. Then, place your things in a box and bury or hide them away.

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