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  1. Aug 29, 2022 · Encountering darkness in your life often represents your fears, particularly the fear of the unknown. You may have internal struggles about the uncertainty of your future, similar to how you can’t see your direction when walking on a dark path. Death Death pretty much represents uncertainty. No one knows when and how their lives will end.

    • Church Leaders and The “Isaiah Problem”
    • Church Scholars and The “Isaiah Problem”
    • Isaiah’s Authorship Is Debated Among Current Church Scholars

    This debate goes back a long time with church leaders and scholars defending Isaiah in the Book of Mormon. During the last century, as the theory of Deutro-trio Isaiah became popular, several apostles addressed the problem. B. H. Roberts, who was President of the First Seven Presidents of the Seventy in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sain...

    In Since Cumorah, Hugh Nibleywrote,”…our immediate concern is not with the unity of Isaiah but with the dating of the Deutero-Isaiah since the charge against the Book of Mormon is that it quotes from that work, which did not exist at the time Lehi left Jerusalem. The dating of Deutero-Isaiah rests on three things: 1. The mention of Cyrus (Isaiah 44...

    To demonstrate the divisive nature of this problem among Church scholars today, let’s compare an essay written by Kent Jackson with some peer responses. In 2016 Jackson wrote “Isaiah in the Book of Mormon,” one of several essays in a series A Reason for Faith,published by Deseret Book. In the paper, he supported the idea of a single author in Isaia...

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  3. Sep 08, 2022 · The Book of Mormon resembles the Bible in its length and complexity and in its division into books named for individual prophets. It relates the history of a group of Hebrews who migrated from Jerusalem to America about 600 bce, led by a prophet, Lehi. They multiplied and eventually split into two groups.

  4. Sep 25, 2022 · Another message from the Book of Mormon comes as Lehi continues to prophesy to his family. He explains that it was part of God ’s plan to scatter the people of Israel throughout the earth (including leading Lehi’s family to the Americas) but He would later work to gather them again — physically and spiritually.

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  6. The angels stood quietly while protesters yelled “pedophile” and “groomer” and pushed signs quoting the Book of Mormon toward their faces. “You’re going against God,” one man spat. Another told them to “stop protecting the homos” at Brigham Young University. 1.5K 2 145 evanmade • 1 day ago No empty seats ☀️ 1.4K 55 anon47384 • 2 days ago