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  1. Twelfth Night Summary Viola, separated from her twin Sebastian, dresses as a boy and works for the Duke Orsino, whom she falls in love with. Orsino is in love with the Countess Olivia, and sends Viola to court her for him, but Olivia falls for Viola instead. Sebastian arrives, causing a flood of mistaken identity, and marries Olivia.

  2. Viola resolves to conceal her identity—she dresses up as a pageboy, Cesario, and go work for Orsino. The Captain agrees to help. Viola advances quickly in Orsino's household. However, she soon finds herself falling in love with Orsino—a love which she cannot pursue, since Orsino believes her to be (the male) Cesario.

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    With the exception of smaller characters such as musicians, lords, officers, sailors, and attendants, there are twelve important characters in the play. 1. Duke Orsino, sometimes called "Count" of Illyria 2. Viola, later disguised as "Cesario" (a made up person) 3. Sebastian- Viola's twin brother 4. Captain, - saves Viola from shipwreck 5. Antonio-...

    Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is a difficult play to summarize neatly, as there are subplots, many characters, and conflict upon conflict within the play. Despite this, the Twelfth Night plot can be oversimplified and boiled down to a few crucial moments, known as plot points. The Twelfth Nightsynopsis is as follows: 1. Viola and Sebastian are shipwr...

    Twelfth Night is a play that has been performed for nearly four centuries, and it takes more than mere entertainment to make a play such as this into a classic. There have been many speculations over the centuries about the meaning of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and there are likely to be many more in the years to come.

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  4. Along the way, they discover the enemies-Trolls, wargs, goblins, Gollum, and spiders and the allies-eagles, Elrond, dwarf army, Beorn, Elves of RIvendell Tests, Allies, Enemies-Twelfth Night Viola has many tests: performing her master’s task, staying in character, and trying to let Olivia down.

  5. Twelfth Night In the kingdom of Illyria, a nobleman named Orsino lies around listening to music, pining away for the love of Lady Olivia. He cannot have her because she is in mourning for her dead brother and refuses to entertain any proposals of marriage. Meanwhile, off the coast, a storm has caused a terrible shipwreck.

  6. Twelfth Night. Scene from 'Twelfth Night' (' Malvolio and the Countess'), Daniel Maclise (1840) Twelfth Night, or What You Will is a romantic comedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written around 1601–1602 as a Twelfth Night's entertainment for the close of the Christmas season. The play centres on the twins Viola and Sebastian ...

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