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  1. Blaschko's lines - Wikipedia's_lines

    1 day ago · Blaschko's lines, also called the lines of Blaschko, named after Alfred Blaschko, are lines of normal cell development in the skin.These lines are invisible under normal conditions.

  2. Optical phenomena - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Optical phenomena are any observable events that result from the interaction of light and matter.See also list of optical topics and optics.A mirage is an example of an optical phenomenon.

  3. Filariasis - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Serous cavity filariasis is caused by the worms Mansonella perstans and Mansonella ozzardi, which occupy the serous cavity of the abdomen. Dirofilaria immitis, the dog heartworm, rarely infects humans. The adult worms, which usually stay in one tissue, release early larval forms known as microfilariae into the person's blood.

  4. Leech - Wikipedia

    2 hours ago · Symptoms of these reactions include red blotches or an itchy rash over the body, swelling around the lips or eyes, a feeling of faintness or dizziness, and difficulty in breathing. An externally attached leech will detach and fall off on its own accord when it is satiated on blood, which may take from twenty minutes to a few hours; bleeding ...

  5. List of unusual deaths - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · 564 BC Arrichion of Phigalia, a Greek pankratiast, caused his own death during the Olympic finals. Held by his unidentified opponent in a stranglehold and unable to free himself, Arrichion kicked his opponent, causing him so much pain from a foot/ankle injury that the opponent made the sign of defeat to the umpires, but at the same time broke Arrichion's neck.