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  1. Asturias | region, Spain | Britannica › place › Asturias-region-Spain

    The traditional farmstead in Asturias is the caserío, which is built of wood and stone and customarily features a balcony, gallery, and arcaded porch. The observance of Roman Catholicism tends to be less intense in Asturias than in other regions, and the local folklore preserves numerous superstitions.

  2. Asturias - Wikipedia › wiki › Asturias

    Asturias has been growing below the Spanish national average since the decline of the mining industry, and grew just 0.82% in 2008, the lowest of all regions in Spain. On the plus side, unemployment in Asturias is below the average of Spain; it stood at 13.7% in 2017.

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  4. Kingdom of Asturias - Wikipedia › wiki › Kingdom_of_Asturias

    The Kingdom of Asturias was, in its infancy, an indigenous reaction of Astures and Cantabri to a foreign invasion. These people had already fought the Romans in the Cantabrian Wars, and initially resisted Romanisation. Although they preserved many characteristics of their pre-Roman culture, their Celtic languages were later lost in favor of Latin.

  5. (PDF) Main morphotectonic characteristics of Asturias, Spain › publication › 26489069_Main

    Jan 01, 2004 · Asturias is part of one of the four morphotectonic mesoblocks that make up the Northern macroblock (Number 9) of the Iberian plate. The framework of territorial regionalization was developed on the...

  6. 11 Things to Know Before You Go to Asturias › 2016 › 11-things-to-know

    Asturias es España; lo demás es tierra conquistada. Asturias is Spain; the rest is conquered territory. It’s a saying you hear a lot around Asturias, the region in the northwest of Spain where I was born. It’s a reminder that Asturians have always been resistant to anyone who threatens their home or their way of life.

  7. Asturias has an official language of Spanish, but many dialects are spoken throughout the region. The first dialect is the Asturian language, which is broken down among the western, central, and eastern areas. These areas are separated by the major river systems that run through Asturias.

  8. How would you characterize people from Asturias, Spain ... › How-would-you-characterize-people

    Good, honest, extremely hard working, humble. Those above 50, were farmers until yesterday. Those below, are the most prepared Asturians in history. I know better a particular kind of Asturians, those who emigrated to Latin America.

  9. Main morphotectonic characteristics of Asturias, Spain › pdf › geoint

    Main morphotectonic characteristics of Asturias, Spain López Casado, 1988; Cotilla and Córdoba, 2003) has been used previously for the IP. Nevertheless, until now there has not been a systematic study to prove or refute this hypoth-esis. Thus the present study tries to do it for the Asturias region, a zone of low level of seismic activity. 2 ...

  10. Asturias drive and stay — Ouzo and Sangria › spain › asturias-north-of-spain

    is a typical granary from the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (mainly Galicia, Asturias, and Northern Portugal) There are several types of Asturian hórreo, according to the characteristics of the roof (thatched, tiled, slate, pitched or double pitched), the materials used for the pillars or the decoration.

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