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  1. Laxatives Side Effects: Understanding the Risks

    Mar 26, 2019 · Overuse of laxatives (other than bulk formers) can result in the intestines losing muscle and nerve response, which can lead to dependency on laxatives to have a bowel movement. If you find...

    • Scott Frothingham
  2. Laxative Abuse: Side Effects and Long-Term Health Risks

    Oct 09, 2017 · Most laxatives will artificially stimulate the large intestine to empty, and a laxative-induced bowel movement causes a perceived weight loss. Typically this bowel movement does not contain actual food, fat or calories, but instead causes the loss of water, minerals, and electrolytes from the colon.

  3. 10 Common Side effects of Laxatives -
    • Stomach cramps: This is one of the commonest side effects of laxatives – especially laxatives that are harsh. These types of laxatives will get the job done for you but will leave you suffering from stomach cramps.
    • Bloating and gas: Laxatives can also cause bloating and gas. This is true for osmotic laxatives such as Milk of Magnesia, Miralax, Citrucel, etc. These laxatives work by absorbing water from tissues in the body and sending the water into the intestine in order for the water to soften the stool and make bowel movement possible.
    • Thirst: Certain types of laxatives can also cause you to become very thirsty after using them. For example, osmotic laxatives such as Milk of Magnesia and Miralax are known for doing this.
    • Urine discoloration: Another common side effect of laxative use is that it can cause the color of your urine to change. Oral stimulant laxatives such as Dulcolax, Senokot often do this.
  4. Oct 16, 2015 · The most common side effects of laxatives are bloating, gassiness, and abdominal pain. You should always drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated when taking a laxative.

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  6. Laxative Side Effects & Safety: Everything You Need to Know

    Aug 28, 2018 · Constipation causes discomfort and it can lead to embarrassing gas and uncomfortable bloating. Laxatives, which help evacuate stool from the bowels, are the go-to solution for most people dealing with constipation. Effective as that may be, some laxatives have mild to severe side effects, especially with long-term use.

  7. What Are the Dangers of Taking Too Many Laxatives? | Healthfully

    Dec 18, 2018 · The frequent loose bowel movements that occur with excess laxative use can lead to a deadly electrolyte imbalance. Electrolyte depletion can cause tiredness and muscle weakness, seizures, abnormal reflexes and an abnormal heart rhythm, leading to cardiac failure and death.

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