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  1. Cavaquinho - Wikipedia › wiki › Cavaquinho

    There are several forms of cavaquinho used in different regions and for different styles of music. Separate varieties are named for Portugal, Braga ( braguinha ), Minho ( minhoto ), Lisbon, Madeira, Brazil, and Cape Verde; other forms are the braguinha, ‘ cavacolele ’, cavaco, machete, and ukulele .

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    • (Composite chordophone)
  2. Cavaquinho | Ukulele Review › buy-ukulele › related

    The machete developed into the Cavaquinho in Brazil. Hence, today there are two distinct types of cavaquiho: the Portuguese cavaquinho and the Brazilian cavaquinho. Like the uke, the cavaquinho has four strings but these are usually tuned D, G, B, D (creating an open G chord).

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  4. How to Tune a Cavaquinho (Plus Chord Examples) – Fret Expert › how-to-tune-a-cavaquinho

    Jan 01, 2021 · The cavaquinho (cavva-keen-yo) instrument comes in two basic forms: The Portuguese, which is about the size of a soprano ukulele, and the Brazilian, which is around the size of a concert ukulele. Both are heavily featured in the Portuguese speaking world. A direct translation of the word cavaquinho in Portuguese means ‘little wood splinter’.

  5. continental Portugal two main types of ‘cavaquinho’ that likewise correspond to two areas: of the Minho type and of the Lisbon type. It is without any doubt in Minho that today the ‘cavaquinho’ turns up as typically popular, linked to the essential forms of the music characteristic of that province. The

  6. Trip of Cavaquinho - University of British Columbia › ~udls › slides

    MAJOR FAMILIES CAVAQUINHO. ... • Minho and Lisbon types • Little shorter of neck and longer in the body • Different number of frets,

  7. What is the difference between ukulele and cavaquinho? - Quora › What-is-the-difference-between

    not much difference! it's tuned D G B D instead of a ukulele (G C E A), and it appears to be identical to a soprano uke (which is 21" overall). its origins are in portugal, and it was portugese luthiers who moved to hawaii and began to build what ...

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