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    What are the different types of cavaquiho?

    What family does the cavaquinho belong to?

    What kind of strings does a cavaquinho have?

    What is the difference between Portuguese and Brazilian cavaquinho?

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    There are several forms of cavaquinho used in different regions and for different styles of music. Separate varieties are named for Portugal, Braga (braguinha), Minho (minhoto), Lisbon, Madeira, Brazil, and Cape Verde; other forms are the braguinha, ‘cavacolele’, cavaco, machete, and ukulele. Portuguese

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  3. Cavaquinho | Ukulele Review › buy-ukulele › related

    The machete developed into the Cavaquinho in Brazil. Hence, today there are two distinct types of cavaquiho: the Portuguese cavaquinho and the Brazilian cavaquinho. Like the uke, the cavaquinho has four strings but these are usually tuned D, G, B, D (creating an open G chord). This gives the strings the same relative pitch as the slack-key ukulele tuning.

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  4. continental Portugal two main types of ‘cavaquinho’ that likewise correspond to two areas: of the Minho type and of the Lisbon type. It is without any doubt in Minho that today the ‘cavaquinho’ turns up as typically popular, linked to the essential forms of the music characteristic of that province. The

  5. The cavaquinho has two braces on its back; one at the waist and one at the widest point of the lower bout. The braces are made of quarter-sawn spruce and are about 3/16″ wide and 1/2″ tall when glued. The surface of the braces that is glued to the back is not flat, but instead has a 25 foot radius sanded into it.

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