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    • There are still some glitches. Although the new version of Windows is now officially available, there are still bugs that directly or indirectly affect its operation.
    • System Requirements. Technically speaking, it is not a disadvantage as such, but it can become a total hindrance. If you do not meet the hardware requirements, you simply will not be able to install Windows 11.
    • No Android apps yet. One of the most exciting promises of Windows 11 is that it will support mobile phone applications. They can be downloaded from the Amazon application store, but it is a functionality that is not yet available.
    • Poor taskbar customization. One of the most important bets of Windows 11 is to make the interface much simpler. However, there are some aspects where it has been sacrificed to a great extent, and some users are not very happy to say.
    • Michael Muchmore
    • Windows 11's Hardware Requirements Are Too High. At launch, much was made of Windows 11's demanding hardware requirements. This complaint mostly affects those who want to upgrade their current PC to Windows 11.
    • Changing Default Apps in Windows 11 Is Too Hard. To set a default app in Windows 11, you have to individually assign each file type to the app you want to use for it.
    • You Have to Sign in to a Microsoft Account to Use Windows 11. Running the Windows 11 Home Edition requires users to sign in to a Microsoft account, which confers several benefits, such as single sign-in for Office, backup to OneDrive, syncing setting among multiple devices, full-disk encryption for the system drive, and the ability to reinstall Windows without a serial number.
    • Windows 11's Start Menu Is Less Usable Than Windows 10's. With nearly every major new version of Windows, the Start button and Start menu have been major points of contention.
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  2. Disadvantages of Windows 11 Operating System Due to the large number of improvements and effects, it is a version that requires large hardware resources; you can hardly run it on computers with low memory and processor.

  3. May 26, 2022 · windows 11 has a widened distance between the buttons, and it’s okay to directly follow the classic style, which reduces a lot of efficiency, due to the ui design of windows 11, it is difficult to receive feedback when receiving messages, in windows 10, the application that received the message will turn orange and flash in the taskbar, but …

  4. May 08, 2022 · Some items are also missing in Windows 11. For example, if you right-click on the taskbar then most of the menu items are removed. You can no longer drag a file or folder from one window to other in the taskbar. And some other changes also. Training required: If you want to be an advanced user, you will need to get training from any tech person.

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