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  1. Usage Labels. Often a word, or sense of a word, will be followed by a usage label (written in italics). These labels are designed to give the user of the dictionary some additional information about the word. Here is a list of our usage labels, and what each one means. Obsolete: this means that there no evidence of a word’s use since 1755.

  2. Sep 15, 2021 · 2. Examine how the word functions in the examples that you find. 3. Determine the part of speech of the word, for the sense or senses you wish to define. This will help you write the right definition. Recall these basics: [1] Noun: A person, place, or thing: Utah, minivan, moon, grocer, January.

  3. dictionary), or bidirectional, providing translations to and from both languages (for example, an English- Spanish/Spanish-English dictionary). bilingualized dictionary : a type of bilingual dictionary which provides definitions in the source language in

  4. Nov 22, 2022 · Thousands of definitions, offering clear explanations for learners, comprehensive coverage of American and British English for native speakers, and specialized definitions for a range of specific subject areas. Audio and video pronunciations for American and British English. Images for thousands of entries. Numerous synonyms listed at meaning ...

  5. Google Dictionary. Google Dictionary has a lot of different languages with features like voice pronunciation, definitions, example sentences, related phrases, related phrases and more. It’s among the most expansive and maybe best online dictionaries, and comes with some very solid brand recognition. 3.

  6. A helpful and considerate nature can be described as kind. It is kind of someone to volunteer to rake their elderly neighbor's leaves in the fall. As a noun, kind refers to the variety or specific type of something.

  7. The largest and most trusted free online dictionary for learners of British and American English with definitions, pictures, example sentences, synonyms, antonyms, word origins, audio pronunciation, and more. Look up the meanings of words, abbreviations, phrases, and idioms in our free English Dictionary.

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