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      • Such as, lexical definitions (or, the types of definitions you see in a dictionary), demonstrative definitions (or, those that define something through example), and precising definitions (or, those that lessen the vagueness of a word in some special way.) What Kinds of Definitions Exist?
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  2. There are three types of a specialized dictionary: A multi-field dictionary: It extensively covers tons of subject areas or fields. A typical example is a business... A single-field dictionary: It covers a specific subject area (e.g. law) in a narrow manner. An example of a single-field... A ...

  3. 1 General Dictionary. The general dictionary encompasses an entire language. For example, the Oxford English Dictionary contains all words of the English language. Readers and writers refer to the general dictionary with questions regarding the correct spelling and usage of words. Providing spelling, pronunciation, definitions and usage, general dictionaries standardize language.

  4. Let’s look at five different kinds of dictionaries to see which one is best for you. Dual-language dictionary. This is probably the first kind of dictionary you saw when you started learning English. One half is to search for words in another language and see what they are in English. The other half of the dictionary has words listed in ...

  5. Wikipedia defines definition as “ the meaning of a word, phrase or other term” Definitions can be categorized into to specific classifications: Intensional definitions and extensional definitions. Intensional definitions refer to those that attempt to give essence to a term, whereas extensional definitions are those that proceed by listing the objects described by the term.

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