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    • Can a dictionary explain the meaning of terms?

      • Different dictionaries can give different bits of information and yet be equally effective in explaining the meanings of terms. Definitions sought by philosophers are not of the sort found in a dictionary. Frege’s definition of number (1884) and Alfred Tarski’s definition of truth (1983, ch. 8) are not offered as candidates for dictionary entries.
  1. five dictionaries (monolingual american and british, bilingual english-german, learner’s dictionary, historical dictionary) and one encyclopedia are compared in the way that three different items (general, encyclopedic, and regional) are looked up and the entries are compared in order to find differences and in this way get a guideline how and …

  2. Clearly defining terms is one way of helping to resolve problems of ambiguity and there are many types of definitions one can use: • Lexical or dictionary definitions The OED defines “defines” as… • Disambiguating definitions “ When I said…I meant…” • Stipulative definitions

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    Can a dictionary explain the meaning of terms?

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  4. The specialized dictionary lists words and definitions specific to a particular purpose. Professional dictionaries such as medical or legal dictionaries provide the terminology specific to those career fields. Vocabulary limited to technical projects, specific settings or even slang or humor result in specialized dictionaries to support its use.

  5. › glossary-of-pdf-termsGlossary of PDF terms

    This resource provides end users and non-technical readers with a glossary of the acronyms and terms with lay-person definitions commonly encountered when discussing or describing the Portable Document Format (PDF). Technical readers should always refer directly to the appropriate ISO publication for precise technically accurate definitions.

  6. Dictionary Entries Close Up satellitenoun 1. A spacecra˛ that is sent into orbit around the earth, the moon, or another heavenly body. 2. A moon or other heavenly body that travels in an orbit around a larger heavenly body. Seeinformation about the moon. sat·el·lite(sat-uh-lite) attribute 1.

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