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  1. Jul 17, 2017 · names and Appendices –, whic h list the most popular names in the chief English-speaking countries ( or ) and by half-century for England and W ales and for the US ( – ).

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  2. The specialized dictionary lists words and definitions specific to a particular purpose. Professional dictionaries such as medical or legal dictionaries provide the terminology specific to those career fields. Vocabulary limited to technical projects, specific settings or even slang or humor result in specialized dictionaries to support its use.

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  4. Nov 30, 2012 · In all life fields, particularly for learning purposes, the use of a dictionary has been increased. A dictionary is an ensemble of terms/words that contain various details, for example meanings ...

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  5. Fortunately, there was ready access to the works of Cruden, Long, Oliver, Young, Wilkinson, Charnock, McClintock & Strong, Smith‟s Bible Dictionary, Abbott‟s Dictionary, Imperial Bible Dictionary, Encyclopaedia Biblica, and, before the list was complete, Strong‟s Concordance, Tregelles, F. W. Grant, and others.

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  6. You can download PDF of this lesson. Adjective and its types An adjective is a word that describes something about noun or pronoun. Indeed it qualifies the noun or pronoun. There are examples of Adjective: He is naughty baby. She has pretty hair. He is my fast but good friend. They are not best players. They are beautiful group.

  7. Below is the list of Nouns in English: practice pick percentage hunt hero gear exercise champion particular implement spring copy funeral appointment script salad teacher specialist skin rock cake teach life editor crisis positive signature member rush awareness petrol egg addition opinion lesson kind injury degree queen fun protection incident

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