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    • What is the main source of income in Asturias?

      • For centuries, the backbone of the Asturian economy was agriculture and fishing. Milk production and its derivatives was also traditional, but its big development was a byproduct of the economic expansion of the late 1960s. Nowadays, products from the dairy cooperative Central Lechera Asturiana are being commercialised all over Spain.
  1. Asturias is situated in north-west Spain and has a population of 1.02 million. The region’s coal mining industry was concentrated in the south west and central areas of the region, where the region’s coal power plants are also located. However, only one coal mine remains active. The region is composed of 78 municipalities, of which 57 are

  2. In terms of the restructuring of the mining industry, which has a major impact on Asturias, the most recent plan, launched in October 2013, is the Framework for Action for Coal Mining and Mining Regions 2013–2018. The agreement includes €400 million for reactivation plans and business projects.

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  4. METAL INDUSTRY IN ASTURIAS. – Steel industry, it is one of the most important industrial activities since the nineteenth century. It produces mainly steel, tinplate and heavy plates. – Metallurgy, with the manufacture of aluminum, zinc and copper, as well as alloys and derivatives. Asturias produces 20% of the zinc at European level and 6,4 ...

  5. Region Asturias, Spain Features Biodynamic, No sulfites added Vintage 2018 Sizes 750 mL × 12 — 17-0600-18 Distributor's notes In the remote North West of Spain, in a region commonly thought of for cider, cheese, and sheep, there are in fact a few people that make wine.

  6. Name of the territory Principado de Asturias Date of application 16/04/2018 Political endorsement The application is supported by the Government of the Principado de Asturias, represented by Isaac Pola Alonso. Regional Minister of Employment, Industry and Tourism Regional data NUTS code ES12 GDP/inhabitant (year) 20.855 €/inh (2017)

  7. The climate in Asturias is Atlantic, with mild temperatures throughout the year. With 354 km of coastline, it naturally lends itself to being an ideal place to visit and live. The region is characterised by its extraordinary natural beauty, with breath-taking beaches and vast wooded areas, with a third of the land declared a natural protected area.

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