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  2. Feb 19, 2022 · The 10th on our list of best restaurant websites is the O Ya restaurant. O Ya features a minimalistic design with clear navigation, making it easier for their visitors to make reservations. The use of an amazing hero slider design to showcase some of their products is one of the best features of this website. 11. Kado No Mise Visit Website

  3. May 02, 2022 · The ‘Sales and Deals’ section can be a useful guide to big-store and Amazon bargains. 8. This site has a great range of recipes – really, whatever you’re looking for is here – but it’s not the most intuitive or easy-to-navigate site out there.

  4. The best restaurant websites will make your stomach growl and Indian soulful spot Bhuna manages to do just that with high-quality images of its tasty dishes. The restaurant also makes great use of bright background colors that match its logo to create a unified color scheme. 14. Nour Sydney, Australia Nour

    • Girl & the Goat – Chicago, Illinois
      Girl & the Goat – Chicago, Illinois
    • Tiki Chick – New York City, New York
      Tiki Chick – New York City, New York
    • Sweet Jesus – Toronto Ontario
      Sweet Jesus – Toronto Ontario
    • Bresca. Besca’s site is a great model for compelling restaurant design on the web. They make sure their business’s address is at the top of the header bar with their contact information, and the navigation bar includes all the necessary features, like their menu, dining-specific locations, and most popular dishes.
    • Catch. Catch is probably the most unique site on our list, with fun little animations throughout and more static visual details that catch a reader’s eye and keep them engaged.
    • El Burro. El Burro’s site offers a very effective, single-page design. The homepage’s striking colors and clever animations make their street food seem steeped in local culture with an awareness about what makes customers remember them by taste and look alone.
    • Easy Bistro & Bar. Easy Bistro & Bar uses a traditional slideshow reel of transitioning images at the top of their landing page for a sense of dependability; after all, food is a highly visual medium, and their particular selections make salivating hard to resist.
    • The Kitchn Cooking School. The Kitchn Cooking School is a great way to get started in the kitchen. Don’t be too intimidated by its professional-sounding name – this school starts you on the very basics of cookery.
    • Blue Apron. Blue Apron has a very interesting premise: you sign up for their service, and every so often they’ll send you a box full of ingredients and a recipe to make something tasty out of it.
    • Supercook. Alternatively, you may know what ingredients you want to use, but aren’t able to find a simple recipe that uses them. It’s not uncommon to run a search for ingredients you want to use only to find recipes that demand a lot more additions and skill to prepare!
    • Budget Bytes. Budget Bytes recipes carry two advantages: they make great, cheap meals for beginners get experience and are naturally simple and easy to make due to their low-budget ceiling.
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