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  1. The best restaurant websites will make your stomach growl and Indian soulful spot Bhuna manages to do just that with high-quality images of its tasty dishes. The restaurant also makes great use of bright background colors that match its logo to create a unified color scheme. 14. Nour – Sydney, Australia Nour

    • Girl & the Goat – Chicago, Illinois
      Girl & the Goat – Chicago, Illinois
    • Tiki Chick – New York City, New York
      Tiki Chick – New York City, New York
    • Sweet Jesus – Toronto Ontario
      Sweet Jesus – Toronto Ontario
    • Les Pères Nature. Les Pères Nature uses its website to describe what original meals made from fresh ingredients are, this website uses basic yet unique photographs against a simple background, this makes it simple to explore their site since you simply click on a category page to decrease the amount of content you have to read that isn't related to your search, Les Peres Nature delivers amazing food content for visitors, it's no wonder they are the best Food Website.
    • Every Vegan Recipe. Every vegan dish has a rich and colorful food website. This website exclusively features openly written vegan recipes. Its homepage has scrolling effects and informational vegan meal photos, making it a standout among food sites.
    • Rib back BBQ. The Rib Back BBQ website stands out because it includes a healthy portion of rib BBQ sauce with their meat-based meals. This site is a fantastic place to go if you are looking for more information on sauce for BBQ, Rib back BBQ uses photos to display their featured dishes and simple ingredients, no junks, as with any other website that seeks to bring in the foodie varieties and also makes them come out as the best food website..
    • Kiawe roots. Kiawe origins, located on Kaumualii Highway in Lawai, is an authentic Hawaii website that serves dishes that will give you a true experience of Hawaii.
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    What makes a great restaurant website design?

    What do the best restaurant websites have in common?

    How can restaurants bring the online restaurant experience online?

    Why do people visit restaurants websites?

    • Great images of your food. Never underestimate the power of great pictures! Unfortunately, people can’t taste images. Having images of your food on your website is important to give consumers a glimpse of what you have to offer.
    • Online ordering (or at least online reservations) It’s 2019, and that means more and more restaurants and fast food joints have turned to online ordering options for delivery and takeout.
    • Images of your restaurant’s interior. In addition to photos of the food, websites for restaurants should also include images of the restaurant itself.
    • A website theme that matches your restaurant’s style. As a restaurant owner, you understand the importance of atmosphere! Think of your website as an extension of your physical space.
    • Bianca Restaurant. Your browser does not support the video tag. Visit Website. The Bianca Restaurant ranks first in our list of the best restaurant websites.
    • El Catrin. Visit Website. El Catrin uses a playful theme alongside subtle on-scroll animation effects and a beautiful color scheme to grab the attention of their visitors immediately after landing on their homepage.
    • Adachi. Visit Website. This restaurant website design features elegant typography, breath-taking animations, and stunning food photography that ensures visitors have a great time throughout their stay on the site.
    • PHO. Visit Website. PHO proves that even if you aren’t an expert web designer, you can still create an amazing website for restaurants businesses using WordPress.
    • Bresca. Besca’s site is a great model for compelling restaurant design on the web. They make sure their business’s address is at the top of the header bar with their contact information, and the navigation bar includes all the necessary features, like their menu, dining-specific locations, and most popular dishes.
    • Catch. Catch is probably the most unique site on our list, with fun little animations throughout and more static visual details that catch a reader’s eye and keep them engaged.
    • El Burro. El Burro’s site offers a very effective, single-page design. The homepage’s striking colors and clever animations make their street food seem steeped in local culture with an awareness about what makes customers remember them by taste and look alone.
    • Easy Bistro & Bar. Easy Bistro & Bar uses a traditional slideshow reel of transitioning images at the top of their landing page for a sense of dependability; after all, food is a highly visual medium, and their particular selections make salivating hard to resist.
  3. May 18, 2022 · This is one of the best restaurant websites on this list! 2. Fat Choy Made With Squarespace As you see on the home page of the website, Fat Choy is located in New York and mixes Chinese and Vegan flavors. They offer dine in, carry out and outdoor dining options for their customer base. 3. King Restaurant Made With Squarespace

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