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    • What Is A Representative Democracy?
    • How Representative Democracy Works in The U.S.
    • Pros and Cons of Representative Democracy
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    About 60% of the countries have a type of government that is somehow based on representative democracy. These countries include France, which is a unitary state, the UK, which is a constitutional monarchy, and lastly, the U.S., which is a democratic republic. But what exactly is a representative democracy? Well,representative democracyrefers to a t...

    As already mentioned, the United States is also a representative democracy. Because of that, the citizens are the ones electing the government. Citizens are only able tovote for government officials, though, but this is their way of participating in thedemocracy of the country. The officials who are chosen in the government will then be able to rep...

    Representative democracy is great in certain aspects, but it also comes with some downsides. After all, everything in life has its pros and cons. Here is what representative democracy involves.

    Representative democracy is a government form present in many countries in the world. In some cases, it can work amazingly, but it’s not always efficient, not as long as the wrong people are elected. In a representative democracy, the government is chosen by the people with the purpose of creating a better life for all citizens.

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  5. Apr 26, 2022 · The most argued pro of mandatory voting is that “Voting is a necessary part of the duties of citizenship, just like jury duty or paying taxes” [Source], which means it should encompass every citizen in a nation, not just a few individuals. Also, if all citizens vote, the winning candidate will win with the most people’s votes.

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