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    • GOOD PARENTS USE POSITIVE DISCIPLINE. First, good parents understand the value of positive discipline. Let’s face it, trying to find a discipline approach that works is a huge challenge.
    • GOOD PARENTS KEEP PARENTING SIMPLE. There is so much parenting advice available to parents these days. Here’s the thing. One of the most important qualities of good parents is that they don’t worry about what so-called experts say you should and shouldn’t do.
    • THEY UNPLUG OFTEN. Given the alarming findings of recent studies looking at the impact of screen time on our brains, unplugging could be one of the most important things your family does this year.
    • FOCUS ON THE THINGS THEY DO RIGHT AS PARENTS. Do you feel as if you never get anything accomplished now that you are a parent? Nothing seems to stay clean, or tidy, or organized for more than two seconds.
    • Patience. You need loads of patience to get through the day. You children will try you and get on your last nerve, but try not to lose it too often. Children are great imitators of character, so you want to teach them to stay calm even when everything is going to shreds around them.
    • Kindness. Children can be mean, but they’ll benefit from having a kind parent who is ever ready to correct them as gently as possible.
    • Forgiveness. Raising children can feel like being stuck in the middle of a whirlwind. And children usually know what buttons to press to get you riled up.
    • Generosity. Parenting is all about sharing, be it your resources, personal space, or emotions. Your little ones basically depend on you for everything.
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  2. Jan 02, 2019 · The qualities of good parents that are most impactful are; loving disposition, desire to connect, settled nature, patience, open ears, vision, high expectations, respect for individuality, personal responsibility, and self-care. Loving Disposition From birth, children are wired to pick up on what is going on around them.

    • Loving Environment. Undoubtedly the main query when pondering the question of what are qualities of a good parent lie in creating a loving environment.
    • A Safe Place to Live and Play – and the Qualities of a Good Parent. Broadly speaking young children find it difficult to understand the concept of safety and fear, so it is the responsibility of effective parenting to keep them safe.
    • So, what ARE the Qualities of a Good Parent? – Knowing When to Be Strict. Loving parents also need to be strict parents when necessary. Proper rules around the household are necessary and the children should have a healthy amount of fear or consequences for breaking the rules of the household.
    • Qualities of a Good Parent & Decisions about Schooling. Being an effective parent is also about making the right decisions on behalf of the children and that includes the decision about their schooling.
  3. Jul 21, 2018 · One of the qualities of good parents is giving love to their children. They start their day with the act of love. Hug and kiss your kids before you go to work. Look into their eyes as you talk to them. This will keep the positive environment throughout the day. Spend quality time with the kids You may be busy all day at your job.

  4. Aug 27, 2018 · Never take decisions in a rage, take a deep breath and keep patience. 4.Trust:- Trust is one of the most important qualities of a good parent. Most of the arguments occur due to lack of trust between parent and the child. Thus, you being parents must trust your children ,especially ,in their teens when they tend to be vulnerable.